2020 Astrology: Pisces New Moon

Holly Hazeltree

23rd February, 2020 at 15:33 GMT.

The sun and moon in 7th House Pisces together with Leo rising denote that this month is an opportunity to reflect upon the self and your lifeforce. How you are seen, how you would like to be seen and how you use or have used your lifeforce are pertinent questions this month. Mercury is in its fall just on the 8th house cusp, which denotes that this could be a tricky month, especially for fire and air signs, and this necessitates a more measured approach. Arians in particular may find this month more challenging due to the placement of Mars (in a T-square with Chiron and the North Node) as well as other aspects I will describe later.

At this time of year, on the threshold of spring, it can be tempting to begin forging ahead with projects and plans as the rising spring energies take hold. This can be especially tempting for Arians (and other fire signs, but Aries in particular) as they are so close to the Sun swinging round to their sign after a long, gloomy winter, so the urge to get on in true Martian fashion can overtake them. The impulse is there, as we have Mars in Capricorn in the 5th house, as well as Leo rising. Mars is caught at this time in a hard T-square between Chiron in Aries on the 9th house cusp and the North Node in Cancer in the 11th (another more challenging aspect to be felt by Aries and the fire signs). There could be some frustration felt in getting projects started as well as wishful thinking, feeling unconfident and a basic dampening of energy and spirits all around.

This T-square will not impact the water and earth signs as much. There is a lot of Piscean energy around this new moon as Neptune is also making his effects felts in his home sign. Pisces energy, as it is so mystical and ethereal, can sometimes get overlooked and/or neglected as the seductive energies of spring are literally just around the corner, but it is an important energy to acknowledge and experience. As we prepare to go into a new growth cycle next month, this month is the time to balance the year that has been with the year that is to come, and to use that meditation to consider what you want to do next, where you made mistakes last year, where you were successful and use that to consider how you move forward over the coming year. This processing will reap dividends if done thoroughly and is an important part of the growing cycle.

Rest and being quiet and reflective are the best way to utilise the energies of this month and just to enjoy the unfolding of the new season, being on the cusp of its dawn. Enjoy this crossover time from winter to spring.

Mars does make a nice trine to Uranus in Taurus at the MC. This is also a good month for reviewing your finances and to begin making changes that are needed. The placements suggest prudence and protecting your assets is important. On a more esoteric note, it denotes how focusing on how you use your lifeforce, in this case to provide for yourself and any dependents you may have, is important and worth taking your time over.

Venus is in Aries in the 9th house and squares Jupiter in Capricorn on the 6th house cusp. Once again, it is a warning to fire and air signs not to get too carried away this month with the passionate energies rising in the ether. Doing the reflective quiet work will serve you most in the long run. Finding internal balance is most important this month.

Finally, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are clustered together in Capricorn over the 5th and 6th houses. There is a lot of nervous energy around this month and if being quiet and reflective is not your thing then using that energy to accomplish more mundane tasks, such as spring cleaning, can also be a reflective practice which opens you up to new insights as well as giving you the feeling you are doing something productive and tangible. Organization and reflection are the keys to navigating Neptune’s waters this month. Focusing on how you use your lifeforce in the world and what you value will give you direction on where and how to place your energies this year. In the old European pagan traditions, this time of year was a time of crossover festivals, whereby the old year was celebrated and thanks given as well as blessings asked for the new. In the Hellenic tradition, this was the Anthestemia, the conception and the birth of the divine child, in this case Dionysus. His conception and birth were celebrated at the same time. This teaches us that while we celebrate what we have become over the past year, it is also fortuitous to look ahead and consider what we wish to conceive and give birth to next year. When you stand in this spot on the solar wheel next year, who do you want to be?

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