Beltaine 5th May 2020 1:51 am GMT

Holly Hazeltree

In this chart Pluto makes an EXACT conjunction to the ascendant, indicating that we are still collectively encountering and processing the darkness. Pluto is still in conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter, which I have spoken about in depth in other readings, so I won’t dwell on it here. Suffice to say, as Pluto is making an exact conjunction with the ascendant, we are at the peak of this encounter with darkness now.

The north node, which signifies where we are going, makes a quincunx with Saturn. A quincunx is the halfway point between a difficult aspect and a harmonious one. It shows that we are passing through difficulty and into more fruitful times – but things will be turbulent for a while yet.

The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are in Taurus in the third house. The third house represents communication and intelligence. As Mercury and Uranus are air planets, they denote the barrage of information around about the Covid-19 crisis and, being in Taurus, that we have to trust our instincts and use common sense to discern what is true or not, as the media manipulation is very intense at the moment. This placement is also supported by Mars.

Mars is at the tail-end of the 1st house but not quite on the 2nd house cusp. As he is in an intercepted house, his energy is quite stifled. But being in Aquarius shows that people are spending a lot of time on the internet and contemplating the information they read on there, and considering what it means for the future.

In the 2nd house, Neptune is in Pisces and Chiron is in Aries. The 2nd house rules money, day-to-day finance and self-worth. Many people are really struggling with not only the impact of not working and the financial concerns that brings but they are also realising just how much they get a sense of self-identity via their jobs these days – more of which later.

Neptune is making a square to Venus in Gemini, in the 5th house, showing that although people are enjoying the slower pace of life and having more time to spend with their children and practise hobbies, etc, the financial blow and worry over the long-term economy is a real concern.

Finally, the Moon is yet again at the top of the chart. She is in Libra again but this time in the 8th house. She is opposing Chiron and demonstrates that there are bigger forces at play here, directing this whole drama. This collective crisis is a necessary wounding, so that we can begin to rethink all of it – our lives, the way we live, who we are, who are we in a globalised world. We need to become aware of the pain globalisation has caused us. It has been glossed over for long enough. We are bigger than our jobs and places of employment. The Moon in Libra always seeks to bring peace and harmony but being in the 8th house, the house of Scorpio, it will be necessary to confront a few home truths first. The good news is that once we have, we can re-weave all of this into a fresher and more beautiful form of our own choosing.


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