Cancer Full Moon – 30th December 2020 3:29am G.M.T

By Holly Hazeltree.

The moon is in its home sign of Cancer and as it is full, it is at the height of its powers – so there is a lot of emotion and sensitivity around at the moment. Psychic abilities are heightened. The moon is focused on truth and knowledge, and trusting instincts. They are tired of being exploited for profit and power-grabs. Obviously, this is not all people, as many are content to go along with the exploitation around the coronavirus, for example. But a significant number are “feeling in their waters” that what is being presented to them via the mainstream media is a scam. This is reflected by the position of Venus as well, which in Sagittarius presses for truth and justice over profit and power.

Over the next fortnight, we can expect the coronavirus issue to be in the news, and there will be lots of doubling down in the media to get people to comply with masks, social distancing and all the other measures. However, Uranus makes harmonious aspects to the Sun and Moon, breaking the impact of this hard t-square. Uranus sits in the house of health and mundane work, so just focusing on eating well, taking regular exercise and some good-quality supplements will help alleviate this pressure. It could be that some “shocking” new information comes out to this effect in the next fortnight, that simple remedies can “beat” the virus. I know there is a lot of information out there about Vitamin D, etc, but none of this has so far been able to infiltrate the fear planted in the public mind by the mainstream media. Yet it looks as if some information could come to light that does exactly that in the next fortnight, so stay tuned.

Mars continues to make its stressful aspect to Pluto. If you recall in the Solstice reading I did a week ago, I said that the potential for violence was heightened – and then on Christmas Day we had the Nashville bombing. The good news is that this aspect is on the wane and by the first few days of January it will have dissipated. Mars moves into Taurus by the end of the first week of January, where it will be much less warlike and aggressive.

So, this is a good time to take time and be cautious as you are out and about. Trust your instincts around any information you are given as they are very heightened at a Cancer full moon. Take note of any emotions or unresolved situations that surface at this time, as they are presenting for the healing and nurturing energy of Cancer. If you’re feeling emotional, give yourself time to work through it and become centred again, as Cancerian energy can become suspicious and paranoid when it is off-centre.

Allow those instincts to sharpen over the next few days, as we are going to need them in 2021.


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