Cancer New Moon Wednesday 29th June 2022 3:52 AM GMT

This new moon promises to be a powerful one as the Moon is in its home sign of Cancer. It is the first new moon after the Summer Solstice and signifies our full entry into summer, as the Moon has now followed suit with the Sun. Within three months our first crops will be ready for the harvest, so we are heading towards ripening season in the Northern Hemisphere. Whatever you’ve been growing this year, either literally or figuratively, will be approaching some sort of tangible fruition now – but this last stage of ripening is vitally important to ensure a healthy crop.

Cancer represents maternal energy and with the Sun in conjunction here it means parenting and family are highlighted this month. On a collective level, we can expect the reverberations from the Roe vs Wade fallout to be felt for the coming month, at least. Family matters will be on the minds of most to some extent, especially anything to do with parenting. I suspect there will be more of a conversation about mothering in general, and not just abortion but surrogacy, female (and male, to a certain extent) fertility, working mothers, schools and education, and basically how we parent and raise our children. The Moon and Sun are square Jupiter in Aries so we can expect a lot of heated discussion and debate around these issues. These conversations will be inflammatory and hard going but they are necessary. The north node in Taurus conjunct with Uranus sits about halfway between the Moon and Jupiter, indicating that a shake-up of what we value and how we relate to nature is necessary if we are going to survive.

Jupiter making a square with the Moon can also indicate financial troubles such as runaway inflation, or dramatic changes in the financial markets, so be on the lookout for that. It signifies issues with growth – either too much or not enough. As inflation has been spiking lately, we could see it really take off under this influence over the rest of June and July.

This month we also have Mars in Aries, his home sign, making a very tight square to Pluto in Capricorn. I spoke about this aspect in depth in my Summer Solstice reading, if you would like further information. But basically, Mars/Pluto squares are renowned for being one of the most challenging aspects to work with as you have the hot-headed impulsiveness of Mars (in his home sign of Aries, no less) facing off with the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto. This aspect will build from now until around the 2nd July when Mars moves into Taurus, dissipating the tension. Until then, tread lightly in all your endeavours as this can be a very difficult aspect indeed.

To ease the tension slightly, we have Jupiter making a lovely sextile to Venus in Gemini, which indicates a lot of sociability and chatter, so we could see a lot of melodrama and hurt feelings online over mothering issues, but the threats to violence could blow themselves out on social media under this influence. This is a great aspect for going out and socialising, though, and suggests that new contacts and friends can be made. There is a real feeling of being in the right place at the right time with this aspect.

Saturn in Aquarius makes a supportive aspect to Mars, which hopefully will also take some of the string out of the Mars/Pluto square. This aspect signifies work and working hard over the next three months to make your dreams become a reality. That is one way to avoid the simmering tensions of the next couple of weeks – focus on your own future, on your own crop, whatever it is you are growing. Use the passion and energy of this month to fuel your own work and endeavours. You will soon see the results of this, at harvest time.

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