Deathgrip: The Numpty Sandwich

Brendan Heard

There is a second type of sandwich we should concern ourselves with, primarily because it is comprised of our own cattle-like friends and relatives: that is the numpty sandwich. This is the encapsulating perfect storm of spoiled, culturally-dead, elite numpties – who push down from the top with corporate power; to be met from the bedrock about and beneath us by a mass of bovine, fat-faced vassal-numpties, who rise in response. These slices of hopeless bread meet in a squishy embrace, suffocating us with a predictable smothering stupidity, as the numpties conjoin in self-celebration oblivious to the approaching gnashing teeth. While those of us with the faintest scrap of world awareness get pressed into this vice like ham and lettuce.

The elite numpties are the type of person who rises to elite status in a capital finance world model – the banal secret pervert or hyper-nerd who studied business and listens to radio top 40 regardless of what’s actually on. Artless, imagination-less, unconcerned with vital cultural matters of any sort, trained to avoid adroit ideas that are out of favour and to absorb cancerous popular (manufactured) television tropes and regurgitate a nerdy representation mirror of its expectation. This snake-archetype will rail about diversity and gender grievance while keeping actual slaves, fuelled by a life-long desperation to impress and seduce women while remaining slimy, reptilian, and incompetent. They work and live within a framework handed to them by a hostile outer-elite, creating then a feedback loop of total incompetence with no foundation beyond the economic, or the blank expression of profit-gain.

The lower numpty, the truly hopeless fleshy Walmartians and asexual anger-fems rise in a shrieking, shambolic mass of yeasty incompetence. Expressing nothing but petty social justice concerns and a desire to remain ‘safe’ within an embrace of finance-debt norms manufactured for them in advertisements. These sad creatures are powerful solely for the reason of their unity as an en masse coagulation of unrivalled mental and physical weakness. A group agreement to wallow in shallow pleasures, petty jealousies, and to act angrily against anything that disturbs a trivial and peasanty life acquiring bargains.

In both cases, there is delusion, possibly a condition not unlike psychopathy. Sadly, despite their likely closeness to you, the only cure is to avoid them utterly. However, when you are caught between the slices, you are the delicious filling for which they are the vehicle, and there is no escape from the numpty sandwich.


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