Eoster 8th -11th April


Holly Hazeltree

The 8th -11th April are this years days for the Eoster/Aurora festival. This festival celebrates the dawn light of the new year. It is about rebirth, fertilisation and new beginnings. It is celebrated at the time of the full moon, whose potency in effect for three days. This is the time to petition the gods for their help in achieving your goals this year. This time is also linked with the rebirth of Dionysus.

Meditation: Rebirth, new beginnings

Planets of the week: Sun, Moon and Venus

Offering: Eggs, spring flowers and Easter bread of some sort (if you are in the UK, Hot Cross Buns are an excellent choice).

Work: Baking Easter bread, painting eggs, picking spring flowers, meditating and praying at dawn.

Ritual: At dawn, or preferably before moonset, lay out your altar. Having representations of the sun and the moon are recommended. As these energies come together, offer your bread to Eoster and as the sun rises, begin to consume it.

Prayer: O beautiful Eoster, goddess of the dawn, fill me with your energy, vitality and hope for the coming year. Bless my loved ones and my work. Help me to achieve these goals this year (then list them)

Exercise: Not easy given the current lockdown situation in many countries, but being outdoors at dawn will be beneficial if possible.

Rest: At the moment there is little choice to do much else. Take note of any impulses stirring in you at this time and plan to implement them once the lockdown has eased.

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