Full moon in Scorpio 7th May 2020 11.51am GMT

Holly Hazeltree

The full moon represents the apex of energy for the month, it is a time of fruition as well as release. The phrase “reaping what you sow” is a good summary of full-moon energy.

Scorpio energy is often described as death energy – and it is. But within that release to death we find the seeds of life sown too. This is one of the most powerful moons of the year, as it has the transformational energies of Scorpio at its height (full moon) in the solar sign of Taurus (growth and fertility).

It is also a time of balance, as full moons are, as each full moon enables us to balance the energies of each sign duality. Taurus and Scorpio represent life and death respectively. Beltaine is the opposite of Samhain. Just as Samhain, although associated with death, is regarded as the beginning of a new year so Beltaine, in all its life-giving glory, is an opportunity for us to ditch all that hinders this precious new growth so that we can become even more abundant, more fruitful.

This full moon is in Scorpio and as it is the full moon for Beltaine, it denotes healing, transformation, sexual energy and the combination of all three. The moon is at the base of the chart, so many of us will be feeling these qualities this month. The Sun is at the top of the chart in Taurus and denotes a focus on money, strength and building for the future. The energies of the sun and the moon in this chart are an excellent example of how prosperity and abundance can be experienced in our outer lives if we are in touch with our inner needs, as the energies of sex and money are inextricably linked. On a more collective level, this signifies that there will be moves between now and the next full moon to get people back to work and get the economy going again.

Mercury and Uranus also join the Sun, indicating that growth in the economy will be supported by technology and digital communication. As I’ve said in previous readings, this technology has come of age now, and any endeavour utilising this will have an increased chance of success.

The moon makes a lovely trine to Neptune in the 8th house, activating the powers of mystery and imagination in our lives. This is truly a magical moon and a great time to do some ritualistic work to utilise this power currently in the heavens.

The Capricorn stellium of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter is active in the 6th house, showing there is still concern about health and work in the minds of the people.

The North Node (also known as the Dragon’s Head) is just in Cancer, denoting that increased compassion towards others is active right now. However, this is due to go retrograde into Gemini quite soon for about 18 months, which will change the energy of where we are going as a collective quite a lot. I’ll be writing about that more next month.

In all, this is a very happy, magical and healing moon, with lots of potential to begin creating power and prosperity inside and out. Allow the beautiful energies of this moon to heal and transform you.

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