Gemini full moon Monday 30th November 2020 9:29am G.M.T

Holly Hazeltree

This month’s full moon is a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are traditional portents of upheaval and change, as the energy of the full moon is increased. Full moons represent culmination or a zenith of the particular astrological energy in play for that month. This month, this super-charged energy falls in the sign of Gemini, representing intelligence and communication, so we can expect to see a lot of activity in that area for the next few days in particular. But given the super-charged energy of this lunation, we can expect its effects to last quite a while and change is on the horizon.

Gemini is a very mystical and often poorly misunderstood energy astrologically. It is the sign of Mercury, Hermes, Odin and Gwydion and often has the association of the Magician (as it is known in the Tarot, for example). Gemini can be exceptionally wise, knowledgeable, ferociously intelligent and exceptionally charming. Geminis, or those with a strong Mercurial bias in their natal charts, are often very future orientated. I am yet to meet a Gemini who is not au fait with the latest tech or has the latest gadgets and phones. They usually LOVE technology, chatting and are excellent at bringing people together. They relish information and trivia, as do Virgos – who are also ruled by Mercury and usually have very good memories.

On the negative side, they can be con-artists, tricksters, jokers, manipulators, liars and conjurors. These are the type of silver-tongued charmers who fleece vulnerable people out of their life savings by giving them a good old sob story, or a two-bit magician pulling rabbits out of his hat. The key to knowing how to avoid such manipulation is information. I am not saying that all Geminis are this way but I am explaining the negative and positive aspects of this sign as BOTH will be in play this month, as the energy of this highly charged moon is going to be hotly contested by all sides. So it is critical that we are aware of what is going on, in order that we can be aware of any attempt at manipulation.

With that established, let’s get to the reading. This month will be dominated by the truth of what happened during the US election. The Moon is in the 6th house, representing mundane details, so we can expect lots of information that has been suppressed to begin emerging, not only about the details of the alleged voter fraud during this election but also, I suspect that such details will be a prelude to even larger scandals about voting irregularities that have occurred worldwide over the years.

Mercury makes a supportive aspect to the Capricorn stellium, so I think there will be allegations, manipulations and revelations galore coming out over the next month. The key to this month is information and it will be very easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it, which is a tactic to induce information overload/fatigue.

We can also expect continued unrest and protests for the next month, with Venus making a stressful aspect to Uranus, and we can expect this energy to continue up until the next new moon. The people are angry and lashing out, not just about lockdown but the exposure of the corruption that is only just beginning now to be revealed, as we’ve seen over the weekend in places like London and Paris.

On a personal level, this is a good time to become acutely aware of your news sources and the information you receive about anything. Where do you get your news from? Where did they get it from? Is there any kind of big money involved in/with your news source? Where does their money come from? Who are they allied with/linked to? Why? On an esoteric level, this month, and the run up to Yule, is going to be a lesson on how and why information is important, because it enables us to shape and create our reality. If there was no benefit at all from media or advertising, then no money would be spent on it. The amount of money sunk into these industries and their offshoots year on year shows us that control of perceptions is critical in manifesting any kind of reality. We have to be more choosy about what we believe when certain narratives are placed in front of us. We have to get better at ridiculing those that are ultimately intended to harm us (although I concede that huge inroads have been made in this area over the last decade).

We have to wise up to the trickster energy potential of Gemini so that our grandchildren, and all our descendants, have any hope of a future.


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