Gemini Full Moon Sunday 19th December 2021 04:39 AM

This full moon marks the beginning of the Solstice season. This month, the emphasis is on communication, especially inner communication, and the importance of intuition. There are some very potent aspects around this full moon, particularly the Venus/Pluto conjunction, which I’ll discuss later. Also worth noting is the ongoing Uranus/Saturn square, which, as I’ve noted in previous readings, is providing the backdrop of economic uncertainty for many and a field of opportunity and creativity for others. There isn’t much more to say on the Uranus/Saturn square, as its influence is ongoing, but I will be discussing it in more depth in my Solstice reading in the next few days.

The Moon in Gemini highlights the need to respect all forms of communication, not only in our relationships with others, ourselves and so on but also with the gods and our ancestors. Full moon in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) is a time when we can be acutely sensitive to messages from our ancestors and ancestral spirits. Heeding their guidance is what facilitates growth and wisdom. As the nights in the Northern hemisphere are at their longest, this is an excellent time to remember them, communicate with them, ask for blessings and protection, and learn to communicate with them and to learn the language of omens, signs and dreams, as they did.

It is also a good reminder of the importance of developing intuition and inner knowing. Currently, there is so much disinformation and propaganda the only trustworthy source we have to ascertain the truth of a situation or not is via our intuition. The Sun and Moon make a weak T-square to Neptune as if to emphasise this point of nurturing our intuition, our inner lives, our spirituality and using the information/messages we receive at this time to fuel our growth in the coming year.

Jupiter makes a beautiful trine from the Moon and is sextile the Sun, echoing this last sentiment. Moreover, Jupiter in maverick Aquarius shows that listening to the messages of the ancestors and the gods will lead us to genius and put us on our rightful path. This aspect is very expansive and forward thinking. We must go where our genius is.

Mars is making an interesting conjunction to the South Node at present. The South Node is where our past accumulates, including past lives, etc, so this indicates that this full moon there could be a stirring up of old conflicts, old hurts and possibly even old flames for one last attempt at resolution and closure. On the world stage, it’s not hard to see what this is being used for, stirring up the same old Covid fears of last year and using tried and failed techniques once again. Mars is the planet of war, so expect to see a lot of tension and even violence as a fall-out of such techniques. Mars is in Sagittarius, which in the negative can be opinionated and authoritarian, believing its views to be right and everyone else to be wrong. So, it’s a perfect time to attempt a divide and conquer based on beliefs.

Venus conjunct Pluto is the big aspect to watch this month. First, I will detail the negative aspect of this. Venus is about harmony and wealth, what we value. Pluto is about death and regeneration. This aspect can denote obsession, control and tyranny over the control of resources and legacies. One of the reasons there is so much crazy energy around now is that there is a titanic struggle going on for who controls this force, who controls the regeneration of the legacy – what it will look like. Depending on which house the sign of Capricorn falls in is where this presence will be felt, so watch out for any personal tensions over the next few days, as they are a sign of something deeper occurring. I will outline more thoroughly in my Solstice reading.

On a more positive note, if we look back to our old myths, we can find a more nuanced view. Hades needs Kore/Persephone to bring life and fertility to the underworld so that the creation cycle, which begins in the lower world, can continue. This coupling of Venus and Pluto here indicates to me that a very deep regeneration is taking place, especially as this conjunction has occurred in the sign of Capricorn, which is about generational wealth and legacies. Remember that Venus and Pluto are the rulers of life/growth and death/regeneration, respectively. Something brand-new is due to emerge. As I mentioned earlier, this is why the deep state is fighting tooth and nail over its Great Reset plans, etc. However, despite all its nefarious plans the life and death forces cannot be controlled and manipulated so easily. This is a heavy-duty aspect but it is the stuff of which life is made. Literally. It may not be pretty but new life will emerge from all of this and life will have its way. Nothing can stop that.

Mercury is also an interesting character this month. Not only is he driving much of the focus on messages from the ancestors, but he also has a more direct message for us. He is square Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries, which denotes there will be more impositions and restrictions on the individual. Mercury makes a trine to Uranus, which reflects the energy of Jupiter trine the Moon. This lovely air trine is a fresh breeze across the deep and heavy energies of Venus and Pluto. Mercury and Uranus encourage us to approach the situation before us by accessing our genius streaks and using alternatives as much as possible, building new networks, looking into new ways to make money, etc. Whatever you are doing or is your area of interest, thinking outside of the box as much as possible will create a safe passage through this turbulent time. Don’t be afraid to travel the byways and backways this month, literally and figuratively, as this seems to be where the magic is happening.

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