July Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 5th July 05:44 AM GMT

Holly Hazeltree

This month we have another lunar eclipse together with an exact conjunction between Pluto and Jupiter. I have written about this ongoing conjunction before, so for a deeper analysis have a look at my article on Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. This reading, I’ll be focusing primarily on the last eclipse of this year’s eclipse season, although there will be one final eclipse at the end of November.

The Cancerian Sun is in the 12th house, so hidden things are highlighted. The eclipse takes place in the sign of Capricorn, so children are a focus – and motherhood. It’s no surprise that Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested at this time (the moon is potent for three days before and after its full and new moon times) as what is being highlighted is the ugly side of the feminine – that which is often hidden, the hateful, the manipulative, the cruel. There are a lot of rumours about Ghislaine Maxwell revealing a lot of names as part of some sort of plea bargain – don’t be surprised if a lot of them are women, or that women are connected in some way. That is how this eclipse is playing out at a macro level – and the ongoing Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is part of all of this. Typhon is representing Pluto and the depth and extent of the corruption that surrounds people like Ghislaine Maxwell. The Saturn aspect could indicate her late father and his influence.

On a more personal level, it is a good month to examine our emotional lives and any hidden or repressed fears, how they are manifesting, how we deal with them and how we use our time. Unproductive habits and routines are being pulled into focus with this full moon. This month will be more challenging for Cancer, Capricorn and Aries, but challenging aspects are a good opportunity to clear unresolved issues

Aries may also find this month a little stressful – again this is very general and much depends upon your personal chart – as Mars makes a difficult aspect to Chiron. It may feel difficult to get going this month, or feel a bit low in energy, for everyone but Arians, as well as Cancerians and Capricorns, may feel this more acutely. Staying close to home and doing domestic projects such as decorating a room will help with this pressure. For some it will be a good opportunity to heal old familial wounds/ dormant relationships. Being sociable with good friends will also help put things in perspective, despite all the dark information coming to light. Making time to have fun is important and has some good aspects.

In terms of the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, the battle between Pluto (Typhon) and Jupiter (Zeus) is raging right now. It has been a difficult year for us in many ways and we are still not out of the woods yet. However, use whatever insights the lockdown has given you into alternative careers or ways of making money with you as you move forward and develop accordingly. Such insight has been hard-won so use it to your advantage.


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