Libra Full Moon – Wednesday 8th April 3.35am GMT


Holly Hazeltree

This full moon marks is the time of the Ostara festival, the ancient spring equinox festival where the sun and moon are at their fullest potency for the season. This full moon was traditionally known as the Pink Moon and will also be a Supermoon, adding to its potency, and in typical Ostara and Supermoon fashion it promises to be very powerful indeed.

The biggest astrological news is the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in late Capricorn. At the time of the full moon they will be conjunct the ascendant, so they are determined to get up and take notice. There has been a lot written about this very powerful conjunction and it is worth being aware of as it will dominate the sky for virtually the rest of 2020. On a mundane level it is asking us to re-examine how we use the resources we have available to us; money, personal power (which in our modern world often manifests through occupation/career) and time. There is a potential for this to be a challenging transit as Pluto can demand that the optimistic and cavalier Jupiter deal with all the dark and difficult corners of the psyche. This is a necessary clearing, though, and it’s why in my last couple of readings I’ve been going on about clearing out and re-evaluating as much as possible. This year we will be forced to do so in these areas, like it or not. I believe that once the lockdown period of the Covid-19 outbreak is over, the fallout for the world economies will be much more significant than the virus was. We are going to be rethinking how we approach money and work for the rest of the year, as our old ways of managing resources are coming to an end.

On the brighter side, this year is an excellent year to envision just how you want to use your resources and to think about what is really important to you. Capricorn rules the skeleton, structures and systems, so it is as if everything is going to be rebuilt from the bottom up once the dust has settled.

The Sun is in Aries in the 3rd house. The 3rd house rules communications and their technologies, so this to me demonstrates how everyone is being very individualistic right now (Aries) but relying on technology to carry on with some sort of semblance of ordinary life, such as work and maintaining relationships. This type of communication will dominate this year, not just because of the Covid-19 lockdown. I suspect that people will be reluctant to go back to old systems when this intense phase has passed. For instance, a lot more people will be demanding to work from home more frequently now that it has been proved a viable alternative to being office-based for many fields of work. This is what I mean when discussing a complete restructuring of systems above.

Saturn and Mars have tipped over into Aquarius, which indicates that collectively our focus will be moving away from the economy and more into quality of life, and making the economies of the world work for us. It is going to be very difficult for the elites to put that genie back into the bottle, as the demand for a more balanced quality of life after this is going to be overwhelming.

Saturn and Mars are trine Venus in Gemini in the 4th House. This desire for more balance will also stir discussion about work impacts on our home lives on a micro level but I also expect there will discussion about how to make our countries more harmonious and build long-lasting communities. I think somehow a shift to digital working will put more pressure on governments to reduce the flow of immigration. People will begin using digital working as a way of holding governments to account. I’m not making any judgement either way about that but it is a trend that is likely to emerge from this year. The push for balance and harmony will be strong, people will no longer want to stay in the office until gone 7pm every night for the sake of presenteeism. Uranus in Taurus in the 3rd House also reflects this. A push for new ways of working, making money and using technology will come to the fore over the next year.

Neptune and Mercury are in Pisces in the 2nd House, with Mercury sextile Pluto and Jupiter. I am aware that the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is having an effect on the Covid-19 outbreak, and I know this conjunction has a history of accompanying pandemics. However, I would argue that this house is also having a potent effect. Pisces is intercepted in the 2nd house (for those unaware of what intercepted and duplicated houses are, please see my last new moon post for a full explanation), signifying repression. Neptune, which represents the collective unconscious, and a planet susceptible to repression, is here. The 2nd house not only represents what we value but how we manifest resources. Although Neptune is at home in Pisces, the interception means its energy is repressed as well as the other planets in the 2nd house; Mercury and to a lesser extent Chiron (Chiron is not as repressed as Mercury and Neptune as Chiron is in Aries, which is on the 3rd house cusp, so it represents the emergence of these repressed wounds).

I believe this house represents the energy at the heart of the Covid-19 outbreak, the lockdown and all the fear and conspiracy theories that have gone alongside it. Mercury here represents how these theories have been making their way into the consciousness of the individual.

Once again, I am not passing judgement either way on any of the theories surrounding the outbreak and its fallout – including those reported in the mainstream media. What is clear in astrological terms is that there is a lot of secrecy and confusion surrounding this outbreak (Neptune) which is fuelling a lot of fear and online speculation (Mercury), which in turn is causing more people to deeply consider the way the world is run and how they run their lives on an individual level (Pluto conjunct Jupiter). Make of that what you will.

On a deeper level, I believe that at the root of this outbreak is attainment of some sort of critical mass as to the extent and range of abuses that have gone on in the world, unchecked, for generations. In shamanism, one type of common initiation is trauma-based entry. This is where an individual may come through a period of illness or trauma with a heightened sense of perception/awareness or may even acquire psychic abilities of some kind. This can occur as a one-off event or the result of difficult familial relationships, which when critically examined usually show mounting pressure of some kind has been building up over several generations. It can be hard-going on the generation the pressure finally blows on but the family generation that deals with the accumulated trauma is the one that redeems the ancestors’ pain and gains spiritual gifts. These changes are evidence of fundamental and often hard-won growth by the recipient. I believe this year is a similar sort of ‘healing crisis’ event writ large.

What will eventually become clear is the extent of our power in the world, especially as a collective – of whatever type – and although the phrase ‘you create your reality’ may sound hackneyed and clichéd, it is true.

This year will see the transit of many of the outer planets into Aquarius, which is going to change our perception of time, and the curtain will be lifted somewhat on how the universe works. In our modern Western world, we experience time as linear, this is what dominates. Our time is very Saturnian, it is compartmentalised and ordered, and this gives us structure to live our lives around. I think as the energy shifts increasingly into Aquarius we will experience time more as it actually is, which is fluid and malleable. In Greek mythology, Ouranos (Uranus) is the grandfather of time and father of Chronos (Saturn).

The steadying influence in all of this tumultuousness is the moon in Libra in the 9th house. To me, this is a wonderful, positive sign. Here, the moon is the guise of the goddess Themis, daughter of Ouranos and Gaia, who rules natural law, divine order, tradition and being in the right place at the right time. She is the one who built Delphi. So, her presence here at the the top of the chart is very significant. Whatever the truth of what is happening with the Covid-19 outbreak, it is a necessary process to restore and maintain the functioning of the world. The moon is quincunx Neptune, it has recently come out of opposition with Virgo, which is about control and health, and is moving towards a healing trine in Scorpio (death and transformation). Before the death and transformation, integration and realisation must occur. For the rest of this year, integration of this knowledge will dominate.

Finally, the North Node is in Cancer in the 6th House. This represents healing the past but also the healing of the feminine and in turn masculine energies. The Themis full moon is a great sign we are going in this direction. The feminine energy has been incredibly abused and neglected by women and men alike. It is time for the nurturing and caring energy of the feminine to return to its rightful place rather than being abused and misdirected as it has been. Only then can men and women together find balance and harmony. The appearance of Themis shows that this is starting to occur.

On an individual level, as I said at the beginning of the reading, this is a good time to begin focusing on what you really need, what you don’t, and graciously letting go of what you do not. Focusing on the hidden benefits of these restrictions and allowing them to grow (this is the Jupiter-Pluto effect on the microcosmic level) is a very powerful practice which will ripple out and help soothe the disturbances in the collective (Neptune in Pisces in the 2nd House). To paraphrase my last reading, as the sentiment applies all year, Pluto’s pressure presents a unique opportunity for Jupiterian growth and wisdom if we are willing to accept it.

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