Libra New Moon Friday 16th October 2020 8:31 pm GMT

Holly Hazeltree

So, the last new moon before the US election and, as you would expect, it is full of some very energetic and intense placements. I am loath to do any kind of predictions but it is worth pointing out that Gemini rising in this chart is conjunct with Trump’s natal sun and north node. The north node is also rising in this chart, so Trump is having a north node return as well. Whatever happens, he is destined to be in this position at this moment but it is a favourable omen for him.

Anyway, getting down to business, the Sun and the Moon are in the 5th house, house of romance, creativity and children. They make stressful aspects to the Capricorn stellium of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in the 8th and Mars in Aries in the 11th. The Capricorn stellium has turned direct now, so expect more secrets and lies to emerge this month with that 8th house placement. There will be some delays or difficulties on this though as Mars and Mercury have turned retrograde. This could also suggest that people will be integrating a lot of the information that will be emerging over the next few weeks, US government corruption likely the tip of the iceberg, but it is necessary for us to be able to move forward. This whole year has been like some sort of detox and colonic irrigation in one. We are at the colonic irrigation part now.

On a personal level, if information out in the wider world becomes too overwhelming, focus on things such as family, loved ones and the home. Take refuge and strength in what really matters to you when it all seems too crazy outside.

Venus has moved into Virgo and makes an opposition to Neptune, who has been stealthily active this year by throwing a cloak of mist and fog over much of what is playing out on the geopolitical stage. This is another suggestion that things will be revealed as many deceptions and intrigues will be challenged this month.

There is a grand trine in the Earth signs this month too, which suggests that more harmonious and innovative ways of living and working are becoming more typical and noticeable – they are coming into being. Sometimes the effects of grand trine energy are not noticed until a while later (especially if there is other, more dramatic energy occurring simultaneously, as in this chart) but its effects are there.

It’s worth reiterating that this election is being so hotly contested, not only because a new Saturn/Jupiter cycle is beginning (which effects the next 20 years of political trends) but also because this cycle is moving from Earth sign, where it has occurred for many hundreds of years, to Air signs, where it will be for many hundreds of years. So, you can bet your bottom dollar that all sides want to win the biggest slice of this pie.

Take care folks, it’s going to be full-on for the next few weeks. I’ll be back at Hallowe’en for the full moon/blue moon reading.


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