May 7th to 10th Festival of Maia and Agathe Dea

Holly Hazeltree

May 7th to 10th is the festival of Maia and Agathe Dea, which celebrates the fertility of women. It is about rebirth, fertilisation and new beginnings. It is celebrated at the time of the full moon, whose potency is in effect for three days. This is a time to honour new growth, sexual love and its life-giving power.

Meditation: Sexual love and union

Planets of the week: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Pluto

Offering: Spring flowers, wine or mead

Work, exercise and rest: At this time of year, focus on love and the vitality healthy relationships bring to your life. Consider your sexual habits, as these are the source of a well-spring of vitality and potency in life if they are healthy. If you are in a relationship, this is a good time to let the power of the season flow through you and give some attention to the arts of seduction, romance, lovemaking and the giving and receiving that is part of that. If you are not, and would like to be, this is a good time to petition the gods to ask for a loving relationship.

Ritual: As the moon rises to its height, say your prayer over your cup of wine or mead. Ask the gods for blessings you wish to occur, offer your cup to the gods and then drink it.

Prayer: O Agathe Dea, the good goddess, bless my life with prosperity and abundance. Let me feel your touch in all things. Increase the love in my life in order for me to be healthy and strong.

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