New Moon in Cancer Monday 20th July 2020 18:32 G.M.T

Holly Hazeltree

The main theme of this new moon is money and finances in general. The Sun and the Moon are in the 8th house, in the sign of Cancer. As well as ruling sex, it also rules other people’s money. Opposing the Sun and the Moon, we have the ongoing Capricorn stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the 2nd house, which rules personal finance and values. On the macro level, we see the titanic struggle playing out between the forces that are banking and megacorp, and opposing them are the little people, namely us, becoming increasing aware of the nefarious practices these fortunes are built and sustained upon. As I have said in previous readings, this Capricorn stellium will dominate the rest of the year, so we can expect new information regarding banking and megacorps to come out this month – especially around the involvement of women and children, as Cancer rules the feminine, as well as motherhood and childhood.

Mercury is also in Cancer and makes a difficult aspect to Mars and Chiron. It looks like communications from governments will be affected as there is a lot of third house involvement (which rules mass communications and their technologies). As Chiron is involved this portends illness, so expect a lot more confusion and mixed messages about the coronavirus, at least for the next month.

Mercury also makes a supportive aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Given the ongoing drama in Capricorn, I believe I have not given Uranus in Taurus as much attention as I should have. That’s not a surprise as Taurus gets its head down and gets on with things, and seems to be having that effect on Uranus too. However, this aspect between Mercury and Uranus is very encouraging.

The last time Uranus was going through Taurus was back in the 1930s, after the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression was in full swing. It seems to be linked to not the collapse of economies – something as dramatic as collapse is not very Taurean – but the overhaul of them. This is what is happening now. There is a great opportunity here for us, the little people, to use this time (Uranus is in Taurus until 2026) to begin carving out opportunities for ourselves and setting up our own businesses. It is well known that Taurus likes money, but it is the security, peace and abundance that comes with money that Taurus loves (Capricorn also likes money, also because of security, but power and prestige that usually accompany it too). Taurus is ruled by Venus, who advocates for abundance, harmony and beauty. Obviously, I am giving a very general picture here, as how such transits play out on a personal level can only be determined by your natal chart. However, it is worth noting that this is why there is a lot of energy being placed into issues such as cryptocurrency, the Federal Reserve and, ultimately, Black Lives Matter.

The people who rule this world study astrology, you can bet your life on that, and know how to use different astrological transits to their advantage, hence their attempt at a restructure which they will try to pass off as a grassroots movement (that is an important point, as Taurus can represent the everyman). Nevertheless, the transit is still there. If you do want to use it, don’t expect things to happen overnight. Taurus is the Tortoise in this race, not the Hare. Let Uranus inspire you and help propel you towards growth, as new ways of working and making money are going to be coming out of this time – and it would be prudent to recognise and capitalise on them.


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