New Moon in Capricorn 13th January 2021 5:00 AM G.M.T

Holly Hazeltree

This new moon signals patience and cautious optimism. It may not feel like that right now, given the current geopolitical situation we are in, but I go by what the stars say rather than the news – and this is what they tell me.

This month, Venus is the star of the show in wise and steady Capricorn. She has her hand firmly on the tiller, steering the direction of events. She makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus and Mars, both in Taurus. Obviously, there is a potential that things could run hot this month around the time of the US Presidential inauguration. However, this aspect suggests to me that even if conflict does arise it will be short-lived and of the flash in the pan variety rather than running deep, which is always a concern with two such volatile planets in Taurus. Venus will be a soothing and tough presence but fair. So, be on your guard, be prudent in all things this month and that will help any conflict potential greatly.

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The Sun and Moon are mature and wise in late Capricorn, and also provide a sober but level-headed response to events. With the Sun poised to go into Aquarius in just over a week and then, in February, six planets in Aquarius mid-month, this signals the emergence of real change from the stasis we have been experiencing from the past 12 months. Given that there is so much Aquarian energy around, you can expect lots of sudden shocks and changes. Some will be difficult, some not so – but all will be necessary. So, forewarned is forearmed. However, I’ll discuss it further next month.

The planets in this new moon chart are very closed and tight, with only the north node rising into the upper hemisphere. The focus during the next month, not surprisingly, is communication, information and how we communicate with each other and gather knowledge in the future. There is a lot of positive energy in the making at the moment and that will really increase next month as we gear up for an Aquarian stellium. However, we still have Neptune in Pisces making a stressful aspect to Gemini North Node. (Gemini North Node at present is conjunct Trump’s natal north node as well as his Sun – so it’s not a surprise they took his social media accounts from him. The deep state is using this aspect to throw a big Neptunian blanket of fog over all aspects of communication to cause maximum confusion and panic.) This can make things appear very differently to how they are. The only way to overcome this is to use sources of information you really trust – and even then, take things with a pinch of salt, as there is so much disinformation around on all sides. As we have seen, there is a lot of anger around at what has happened due to the US election, as we have seen at the events in Washington DC in the past week, and also the fallout of that, such as big tech suppression. Managing this anger is key in moving forward. We need to use these positive energies that are emerging as a motivator and let them guide us creatively into what we want.

There is a terrific struggle going on at the moment between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. I do not say that to ascribe good and evil to either light or darkness, or any other such binary meanings to them, but they represent the forces of life itself so that something new can emerge. The world is ready to move on from the old. In 2021, this century has come of age and is showing us where it wants to go. The digital age can co-exist with and even revitalise the traditional. All traditions of worth are timeless anyway and speak to us whatever age they occur in. Underneath all of this conflict, a serious question is being posed to us by the Universe. We have come to a fork in the road, we can either choose a future where people are angry, weak and feel victimised or we can choose a future of knowledge, intelligence and manifestation of new and exciting ideas. There is a lot of energy out there being expended to make you believe the latter is not possible. It is – but it will take us a while to get there.


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