New Moon in Leo 19th August 3:42am G.M.T


Holly Hazeltree

This New Moon is a very special, alchemical New Moon. The Sun is in his home sign of Leo, the Moon is new and at Perigree (which means it is close to the Earth, although we will not really see it, as the Moon is new and dark) and they are both conjunct Mercury. Mercury travels close to the Sun but for this New Moon he is conjunct both the Sun and the Moon, symbolising the Sacred Marriage and the Sacred Child that is born of such a marriage. So for any wishing to use this New Moon, it is a very good time to work on your heart’s desire this month.

However, the star of this month is Mars. He makes a very supportive aspect to this Leo stellium of the Sun, Moon and Mercury, and is their protector and enforcer, so I would say this probably represents President Trump. Utilising this power, each one of us is important this month, as we have to remember that we are not passive spectators of what transpires in the world but active creators. Ultimately, what comes to pass is up to us but we seem to have forgotten that of late.

Mars also makes a very challenging aspect to the ongoing Capricorn stellium in the 6th house. The 6th house in a negative aspect signifies pedantry and nit-picking, so we can expect a lot of attempts to move things forward by this Mars power to be held up in red tape and excessive detail, as an attempt to slow the energy and zeal of Mars down. This will be quite an aspect to watch as the main focus seems to be between Mars and Saturn, so areas such as health and money are involved. Both planets are in a strong position, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more wrangling over vaccines and hydroxychloroquine

and the like this month, with the public caught in the middle and split on the issue.

The Capricorn stellium is all retrograde (which means it is travelling backwards), so there is a lot of underhandedness and backroom dealings going on – a lot is hidden. This will not be for too much longer though, as all of these planets will turn direct (going forwards) by early October, so it will be interesting to see around that time what emerges.

We can also expect children to remain a focus this month, not just because of the Leo stellium, as Leo represents children, but also because of Venus in Cancer (motherhood) making a difficult aspect to Chiron in Aries. Venus in Cancer is a very compassionate and feminine placement, even for Venus. We will be hearing more this month about trafficking and how it has been hidden for so long. The pain of these children needs to be heard and we all need to be asking ourselves, as we begin to emerge from lockdown, what kind of future we want for our children on all levels.

So, on the bright side, there is a lot of loving and creative energy around this month. Let your heart’s desire lead the way!


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