October Harvest Moon 1st October 2020 22:05 G.M.T

Holly Hazeltree

I have referred to this full moon as the Harvest Moon, not just because that it is an old name for the full moon after the autumn equinox but because this month is a blue moon month and at Hallowe’en we will have another full moon, in Taurus, the Hunter’s Moon.

So, this month in general will be one of heightened emotion, as was indicated in the Autumn Equinox reading. On a personal level, this is a good month to contemplate completion and release of all that no longer serves you in order to prepare for a new start. The Harvest Moon is in Aries, sign of war and passion, so any old issues affecting the self will benefit from this level of contemplation and introspection. As there are two full moons this month and the sun is in Libra, it is prudent to do this to feel emotional balance and harmony in these turbulent times.

Mars in Aries makes a stressful aspect to the Capricorn stellium, which we have been identifying as the deep state. On a more esoteric level, it is important to remember that these guys are embodying the darkness and corruption that exists and is part of nature. They are allowing themselves on a very deep level to be exposed and discovered so that we can all return to more of a balance between the forces of light and the forces of darkness – without this polarity, creation is unable to occur. What is born must die. However, it will be of no surprise to many that these forces have been getting out of control for at least the past 2,000 years – and now it is time for them to return to balance.

Jupiter and Saturn have just turned direct now, so we should begin to very slowly see some positive growth occur, although we will not notice this for a while yet.

Mars in Aries represents the ire of the people who are sick of being manipulated and abused, and are banding together in all sorts of collectives to bear down of them. The Capricorn stellium has ways of utilising such ire for their own ends, though, as it is in the 8th house, which suggests occult knowledge. The people will be energised by Trump as he is represented by the North Node. This is due to natal sun and natal north node being exactly conjunct this transiting or current North Node, so he is supporting the people, even though much of the extent of his efforts are concealed.

Uranus in Taurus makes an ambivalent aspect with the Sun, which I think represents issues to do with not the virus per se but the economic fall out of it. People are sick of lockdowns and want more freedom. They seek better work/life balances and new ways of being where they can socialise but not be stuck either at home or at work all the time. People want more freedom and balance in life and want to enjoy the good things life has to offer; friends, family, being out and about, smelling the roses as well as making money and enjoying the fruits of their labours. People want to be in charge of their lives again and want their home lives to be balanced with work. It won’t be easy getting people back to commuting.

On a more positive note, it will also be a good time for love and romance this month, and being childlike and carefree. So, bask in the warm glow of Venus in Leo, allow yourself time for creativity and contemplation, and you will be rewarded in kind as Venus in Leo is as generous as she is loving.


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