October Hunter’s and Blue Moon in Taurus/Hallowe’en reading – Saturday 31st October 2.49PM G.M.T.

Holly Hazeltree

As the full moon takes place on Hallowe’en, this reading will serve as an interpretation not only for the full moon but for Hallowe’en as the energies of this full moon will be felt for approximately the next six weeks, up until the winter solstice. There is some very amplified energy around this reading as many of the planets are not only in their own signs but own houses too, which strengthens the power of that planet in question, so they are quite super-charged at the moment.

Neptune is rising in Pisces, so there are two types of energy available – Pisces, just like Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius, is a mutable sign. Like these others, it is changeable and usually has two types of energy available. For Pisces, this energy can be very mystical and spiritual, or it can be very confused or cloaked in some way. Given that the US election is around the corner, you can bet your life that this Pisces energy will be used by the Deep State, so don’t be surprised if there are lots of hidden workings going on and delays, or attempts at delays, with the election result. The Capricorn stellium also indicates that the Deep State will try its usual trick of astroturfing via different pressure groups to attain their desired result. They will have difficulty though as Mercury has gone retrograde into Libra, indicating intelligence and justice, so their plans will come up hard against the law. This Neptunian fog has been operating all year but is finally beginning to wane as the Capricorn stellium it has been covering for is breaking away, meaning more things are coming to light.

The Moon is conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Uranus rules sudden shocks and lightening. Its sudden shocks can be revealing/illuminating or they can be traumatic, depending on your attitude. Uranus is the wake-up call. There are going to be some big wake-up calls in the next six weeks and many will find themselves quite shaken, as the sun and Mercury indicate not only revelation but also justice.

So, there is a lot of nervous and highly-strung energy out in the world at the moment. I think this is pretty self-evident given the protests we are seeing across the globe, on all sides at present, and probably for the rest of the month people will be more on edge in general.

The North Node sits at the very bottom of the chart. As I’ve said in previous readings, this North Node is conjunct Trump’s natal sun and north node (they are conjunct in his birth chart). To me, this signifies that he wants to rebuild America and also take it back to the start in some way, something more akin to the Founding Fathers’ vision, an emphasis on the Constitution and getting their financial system more in line with that in some way.

Venus makes a stressful aspect to Chiron, again emphasising the need for justice and following the law over blind rage and fury. We have all the laws we need, we just need to ensure they are applied properly.

So, as the wheel turns, the next six weeks are a time for focusing on your internal life. My interpretation has focused on what is likely to happen on a macro level, in the wider world, but these energies will also apply personally. There is an opportunity here, if you are willing to plumb the Neptunian depths by being quiet, still and reflective, and allowing hidden knowledge about yourself come to light. Do not be surprised if you feel sudden urges to make big changes in your life during the next couple of months. I am not advising to act or not act on such information, as everyone is different. But I know that for myself, I would let such urges sit and settle a bit and come up with a plan. It is a very potent time, so handling things with care is best.


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