Sagittarius New Moon Monday 14th December 2020 4:16PM GMT

Holly Hazeltree

This New Moon is a total eclipse of the Sun. These eclipses are powerful as they can mark significant endings or a bringing to light of things that need to be resolved. As the Sun and the Moon sit together, this represents cosmic conception too and coming just before the highly significant Winter Solstice is an omen that this coming Saturnalia season will be dynamic and powerful – so get ready to set your intentions for the year to come now. If you are a Sagittarius Sun use this new moon to get a head start as this will be a highly potent time for you.

The Moon, Sun and Mercury are all clustered together in late Sagittarius in an area of the chart noted for effects on mundane work, details and health. It is worth keeping this in mind as this Sagittarian stellium makes a stressful aspect to Neptune, which is in quite a powerful and dominant position. Neptunian energy can be very beautiful to work with and it can also be tricky and/or slippery. Sometimes it is like sliding into a warm, comforting bath, other times like a cold bucket of water in the face.

In this instance, there is a danger that Neptune can operate as a kind of blanket of fog. Again, sometimes this fog can be an inspiring, ethereal morning mist, and other times it can be a shroud of fog that is difficult to see through. On an individual level, this aspect can be used to produce some great art or poured into any creative endeavour, especially as Mars is well aspected with the Sagittarius stellium. On the world stage, though, and also in your personal life, it will be worth for the next couple of weeks at least to take great care around anything regarding details – and also watch your health. Make sure your mundane, everyday life is grounded and all the details are taken care of. This can be a challenge at this time of year but make sure all the important ends are secured, as this aspect implies difficulties and confusion with communication, especially regarding anything legal. Ultimately, it is a helpful aspect as it means we have to focus on what we are really wanting to achieve in our lives and why, although this type of focus does not come easily to Sagittarians, who tend to prefer a more ‘big picture’ approach to life. Nevertheless, it is useful and when both perspectives can be utilised it is powerful indeed.

As mentioned, Mars is well aspected to the Sagittarian planets, driving the force for truth and action, especially regarding the US election. There is a strong, dynamic contingent working diligently on the allegations of fraud and seeming very determined to seek justice and establish the truth. Mars is often thought of as the god of war, and he is. But he also embodies the masculine protective force, which is paternalistic and a virile defender of the hearth and home.

Mars will be making a stressful aspect to Pluto over the festive period. This has the potential to be very aggressive and explosive, so do watch out as this energy will be highly potent and likely to be activated by the usual suspects. This aspect will be operational all through January, so that will be an eventful month. But, again, I will speak a bit more about that in the Solstice reading.

Finally, Lady Venus makes an aspect to the Capricorn stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. She weighs all fairly. This is a very interesting aspect as Jupiter and Saturn have now broken free from Pluto and are about to come together in Aquarius for a highly potent aspect on the Winter Solstice, which I will be posting about in a few days. Change is on the horizon for humanity and here she represents the Piper at the Gates of Dawn, heralding the procession into the age of Aquarius.


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