Scorpio full moon Monday 16th May 5:14 AM GMT

This full moon in deep and enigmatic Scorpio is also a full lunar eclipse, merely adding to its potency. The Moon is opposite the Sun (as it always is with a full moon) and the Sun is conjunct the North Node. The Sun and Moon opposition make a T-square with Saturn in Aquarius. Taurus and Scorpio always signify issues with materialism, whether it is excessive or there is lack in some way. The Taurus/Scorpio axis represents fertility and fecundity – the forces of life and death, respectively. So, this T-square with Saturn indicates that there will be control issues (Saturn) over the material aspects of our lives. As Saturn is in Aquarius, control around technology and using technology to control is highlighted – for example, in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently waded in to criticise the working from home culture that has taken off here during the pandemic, admonishing those who are not happy to pay exorbitant travel costs as well as sacrificing long and needless commuting hours out of their day. His remarks have not been well met, as many people have found working from home liberating and empowering.

The Moon in Scorpio signifies that we are in for even more revelations about the dark secrets of the planet, and how every aspect of our life force is controlled – our money, our ability to live, our food and our food supply chains. It is necessary for this information to come out and it will cause strong and intense emotions but, as is often the case with Scorpio, it won’t be pleasant. Reclaiming our life force is a dominant theme of this eclipse and its resonance will be felt, as with all eclipses, for some months to come. So, expect issues with money, continued living cost increases, food shortages and the rest of it, as these issues originate from a deliberate attempt to control our life force in all its expressions and it is the exposure of that, in its many forms, that will begin to be revealed from this lunar eclipse. Holding on to our life force and what makes us strong, both individually as well as collectively, is really important right now – it is like our tap root.

It is also worth noting that with Saturn in Aquarius at the apex of this T-square, there will be more attempts at power and control through digital manipulation of all kinds – regulations of the internet, of digital media, covering up stories and control of digital markets, especially cryptocurrencies, are likely to occur.

Fortunately, we have some lovely aspects to support us through this collective boil-lancing as well. Firstly, the mighty Jupiter, the great beneficiary, has moved into Aries, and in this chart stands at the first degree, so at the very beginning of Aries. This marks a new growth cycle for us all, it has energy not dissimilar to the spring equinox. This lunar eclipse is a good time to reflect upon the last 11/12 years of your life and think about what you were doing back then, the last time Jupiter was in Aries. The energy of that time and any challenges you faced will more than likely echo into the present. See how far you have come in that time and think about your direction of travel for the next 12 years. Astrologically, this time included the Arab Spring and a series of governments toppling, one after the other, in very rapid succession. That is the kind of energy we are dealing with here, so we can expect an interesting summer, to say the least.

Jupiter will be in Aries until October and from there it retrogrades back into Pisces, until around the winter solstice. So, after stressing for the past couple of months the point of taking no action and just doing a lot of inner work, now is the time to lift off and let your ideas and visions for the year, and indeed the next decade, soar. It’s time to use all that strong and driven Aries energy to get your life going in your chosen direction.

Jupiter is conjunct Neptune and Mars, who are still in Pisces, which softens the Jupiter energy, making them both thoughtful and reflective, which is a nice contrast to the brisk and lively Jupiter. Jupiter, Neptune and Mars make a supportive sextile to the Sun and North Node in Taurus and Pluto in late Capricorn. It is time to focus on what we want to manifest in our lives so that we can transform and even though difficulties will be put in our way, the effort to evolve is always worth it.

Pluto also makes a sextile to the Moon, and the Moon also trines the Jupiter stellium. These aspects show us the way to resolving this difficult T-square. There will be challenges ahead and there will be an attempt by the usual suspects to exert more control over our lives – but we have what we need to build around that and carry on regardless. Pluto in Capricorn has been clearing how we work and how we earn money. We have to let go of our old ways of working and making a living, and start investing in the new ways signified by the Sun and Jupiter/Neptune/Mars. This doesn’t mean I’m saying you should quit your job but as the old way disintegrates, build the new quietly in the background, so that when the time comes you can hop gracefully and effortlessly over to the new way with ease. Let die what must die, let the building of the new begin.

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