Scorpio New Moon 15th November 2020 5:07am G.M.T

Holly Hazeltree

Scorpio new moon is a time of new seed, not just for the month but the whole 12 months ahead. This is a Supermoon as well, so its effects are powerful. November is a good month to release that which holds you back is no longer useful or burdensome – although death and grief are a part of life, it MUST go on, and this is the incredible energy that Scorpio embodies – the courage to transform, to release what must be released, to allow what needs to grow to flourish.

It can also be a time of confrontation and realization and that seems to sum up the energy around this new moon perfectly. Venus in Libra has been operating as Lady Justice this year and will continue to bear down on the Deep State this month. The Trump camp, as they’ve made clear already, are going down the lawfare path to resolve US election discrepancies and this path looks fortuitous for them. We can expect a lot more allegations to surface – especially now that Mars and Mercury (and especially when Mercury clears its shadow after the 19th of this month) are direct – in regards to corruption in government. This is not just in the US, although that will be the primary focus, but across the world. The people are tired of working so hard for relatively little in return.

The Deep State will be using a fortuitous aspect from the Sun and Moon to continue to project its own agendas but it looks as if that ability is on the wane. Their greatest power is the media and, subsequently, the mind of the collective.

People are feeling very tense and fraught. Their nerves are stretched, which is represented by Mercury opposite Uranus. There is too much change and uncertainty, and it is making people scared and nervous, understandably. It could also signify some big shocks and revelations.

On a personal note, this is a good month for Scorpios and all water signs and Capricorns to begin thinking about any very significant changes. There is a nice aspect between The Moon/Sun, Neptune and Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. It’s a time you can bring your dreams into reality and rebuild your life from the bottom up, if needs be. For air signs, Gemini and Libra in particular, this new moon is about getting into balance and order so that you can pursue your destiny. This involves doing some deep internal work first, so any clearing or self-healing work is really recommended for air signs this month. For Taurus and Virgo, you may find this month stressful mentally and/or emotionally, so take lots of time out to calm yourselves and stay focused on what is important.

Aries may also find this month stressful and find lots of rules and regulations hindering them from moving forward after that retrograde period. This is necessary as it is important to integrate and balance the experiences of the last month and learn from them. You should be getting going by the end of the month though.

For Sagittarius and Leo, things should be a bit easier, you too can benefit from the water sign energy above. You may find it a bit too watery and dreamy for your liking but focus on the creative impetus such energy brings.


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