Spring Equinox 20th March 2020 03.50am G.M.T

Holly Hazeltree

Money and concerns over resources are going to dominate this spring. Capricorn is rising with Pluto, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn is just tipping into Aquarius but all five are active on this ascendant. Financial uncertainty will continue throughout the whole of spring but when we emerge on the other side of this pandemic, changes will have occurred. They look as if they will significant and permanent changes too, not only with Pluto on the ascendant which indicates death and transformation but also Saturn just into Aquarius, which is a much lighter and fresher placement than Capricorn.

Saturn is sextile the Sun, which is conjunct Chiron in Aries in the 2nd house. This a positive support and suggests that what is occurring with the coronavirus is a necessary clearing event but that it will be challenging for a while. There will be appeals for people to come together (Venus in 3rd house Taurus), which will fall on deaf ears in some places as people look out for their own situation (Moon in 1st house Aquarius). All of this tension is a necessary clearing for us to re-assess what we value. I would argue that by May, things will have improved considerably but it will be stressful until then, with lots of confusion and uncertainty as to what is going on.

The most positive aspect of this chart is the sextile and trine between Mercury in Pisces in the 2nd house, Uranus in Taurus in the 3rd and the North Node in Cancer in the 6th. This spring is a good time for us all to consider not only what we value but as a result of that develop new ideas about how we live and work. Do we really want to live in a hyper-globalised world with a 24/7 economy where anyone can be a citizen of anywhere and feel at home nowhere? More work, less leisure, no connections to anything? This may seem a short reading but the planets are so tightly bundled together that the cosmos is making itself very clear. Whatever the truth about this virus, and a lot is being hidden about the truth of it at the moment, these are the questions we are literally being forced to confront and answer this year.

Using this time to decide what changes you would like to see in the world and aligning yourself with those as much as you can in the real world sends a powerful statement. Pluto in Capricorn is doing his work and this old structure is collapsing. We need to make sure we know what we want, both individually and collectively, before we get bamboozled into having another detrimental choice made for us again in the months and years to come.


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