Summer Solstice Solar eclipse in Cancer Sunday 21st June 7:41 am GMT

Holly Hazeltree

This eclipse will be something special, as not only does it occur at the first sunrise just after the summer solstice, but will also take place at the exact point in the heavens where the elliptic crosses the Milky Way – it’s a rare and unique event that will not occur again for hundreds of thousands of years. As such, I’ve rolled the two readings into one, as the energy of this eclipse absolutely dominates this Solstice.

This chart is all about MESSAGES. As a significant event, it is worth paying extra attention to what is going on in your life at the time. In this chart Mercury has just gone retrograde (backwards) in Cancer and will remain that way until late July, it’s quite a long time for Mercury to go backwards, as it does from time to time, so it’s important to be extra careful around anything to do with communication, technology and contracts. Take extra care not to rush into anything whenever Mercury is going backwards as it is a message to focus within, not without.

As Mercury is in Cancer the emphasis is on the past, memory, childhood, food and finances. Due to its position in the chart it will be a good time to have a clear out and free yourself of any unwanted habits or baggage. This clearing will be very beneficial and put you increasingly in touch with Cancerian instinct and knowing available this month. It can be very powerful if they are not dominated by their emotions. Let the waters run clear. This is particularly recommended if you are a Cancerian or have a strong Cancer influence in your chart, it will make this month much easier.

The Sun and Moon make a challenging aspect to the ongoing Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter stellium in Capricorn, which will increase as the aspect moves into opposition over the next month. There will be attempts at manipulation through the media, but the clear instinct of Cancer will enable us to see the truth on a deeper level and feel truth in our bones rather than just believe what we are told. Noticing the details of what is going on in your life this month is a good practice. Mercury is the messenger of the gods, and often he communicates via small details (Mercury rules Virgo – whom specialise in details) it’s good to learn his language.

Staying in the safety of this instinct will serve you well and should protect you from any harsh weather you may face in your personal life. Let your instinctual energy flow through you this month, and take shelter in it, listen to its messages and let it guide you.

Happy Solstice to one and all.


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