Cancer New Moon Saturday 10th July 2021 02.16 am. G.M.T.

By Holly Hazeltree.

The Moon is in its home sign of Cancer, making this a potent new moon to work with. New moons are a good time in general to begin new projects and ideas, so any new endeavours begun at this time will have added potency from Cancer. Cancer rules home, the family, having a family/fertility, all aspects of pregnancy and motherhood, femininity, the past, childhood, ancestral roots, intuition and psychic ability. So, the next few days are a good time to focus on these areas of your life with a view to developing or strengthening them over the next year.

This new moon, there are two main aspects in the chart to discuss. Firstly, there is a tricky T-square between Mars, Venus, Saturn and Uranus, and a more favourable aspect between Chiron, Saturn, Mars and Venus, which will help us resolve said T-square, so we’ll deal with that first.

A T-square occurs when two or more planets are in opposition (180 degrees apart) to one another, with a third ‘squaring’ them, which means the third planet sits in the middle of the opposing planets – i.e., it is 90 degrees away from each of the opposing planets. This configuration resembles a letter T, hence the name. It is known as being one of the more difficult aspects in astrology, as the energy can feel quite stuck.

In the T-square of this new moon, Mars and Venus are conjunct in Leo. Mars and Venus together in fiery and expressive Leo means lots of passion and energy. It’s in the area of the chart connected with home and the past, so this suggests that there will be lots of issues for people in this area. Expect issues like love and romance to come up (Leo lives for love and passion) as well as creative fulfilment and contentment, or lack of, with family life. Mars and Venus are opposed by sober and stern Saturn in Aquarius in the work/career area of the chart. So typical types of conflict areas to arise are issues to do with work/life balance, being unhappy where you live, not having enough family time, or time to pursue your own interests, etc. There may be conflict with some of it on issues between heart and head-type desires, as represented by Mars/Venus and Saturn respectively. Mars in particular is very impulsive and likes to make changes quickly, according to his current passions and instincts. Saturn, with his longer orbit, tends to take a more measured and long-term view of things. So, it could be that you want to pack up and move to Uruguay right now, but your logic tells you that such a move won’t be possible for another five years as your finances aren’t where you need them to be. These types of issues are due to the time cycles each represents. Mars and Venus have much shorter orbits than Saturn, so they have different approaches to time that can cause conflict in our lives.

On a collective level, I think this demonstrates the tension between those who want lockdown to end (Mars and Venus) and those who want to keep the lockdowns going (Saturn). The planet squaring this opposition is Uranus in Taurus, which is in a difficult position, as it is in the part of the chart that refers to repressions/secrets/things hidden or occulted in some way. It is worth bearing in mind that we are not getting the full picture of what is going on with the pandemic and the way it is being managed (i.e., treatments and lockdown measures) – things are being hidden. Uranus also indicates that all aspects of the pandemic are exacerbating fear in many for different reasons. Those on the side of lockdowns fear their own mortality and issues around control. Those against the lockdowns are fearful of excessive control and state overreach. All such fears are an inevitable part of the human condition, so it’s worth examining where your own fears lie, as that is part of the resolution process for everyone.

A classic way to resolve a T-square is to look at the missing ‘leg’ in the square – in this case Scorpio, which sits in the house of mundane health and detail. Power comes from getting our own lives in order first, and this is backed up by the placement of Pluto, ruler of Scorpio in the house of growth. We must take care of our responsibilities to ourselves and our families/loved ones, however we must be prudent about where we place our care. Pluto is in the conservative sign of Capricorn, which does not like to waste energy, so being focused and particular with our attention and effort is called for. There is a great push, I have noticed, to get us to care about everyone else and to accept a social responsibility for all with things like getting vaccinated and mask-wearing. Obviously, I’m not here to tell people what to do either way, but the stars counsel against feeling responsible for everyone else. Fulfil your personal and familial responsibilities as you see fit and let that be the basis of how you proceed.

On a personal level, there is a lot of friction between work/life balance as outlined above, but it seems to be repressed/unacknowledged thoughts, represented by Uranus,

causing this. The new moon is a perfect opportunity for reflection on what may be the basis of any dissatisfactions you currently have, as the root cause could be things you have not considered before.

This leads us to Pluto, the missing ‘leg’ of our T-square. Pluto’s placement in the 9th house of growth begs the question of are your long-term goals are working out for you? Do you need to revise them? are they still workable?

Finally, the second aspect leads on from this and this is the planet Chiron, representing wounding and healing, making some favourable aspects to both Saturn and Mars/Venus. Chiron in Aries denotes that we must make sure our dreams and in goals are in good order, but also in the 11th house of friendship not to leave the ones we love the most behind. It is about finding some sort of balance where we keep those we love and who nourish us as part of our dreams and consider their feelings as we make our plans for the future. Pluto advises us to be Spartan and keep only that which nourishes us, but that will include others too. It is worth remembering that those we love, even those we disagree with on many things, are experiencing their own fears. It is also worth remembering that there is only so much we can do when that is the case. Acknowledging our own limitations with kindness, as well as those of others, will help us to make good and wise decisions which will satisfy the passion and energy of Mars and the tempering prudence of Saturn so that we can take full advantage of what this powerful new moon has to offer.

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