The Dream God is a science fiction about a future where the Roman Empire never ended.

CHAPTER 2 (excerpt)

“And is the Emperor alive or dead?”
“Caesar Automedon himself passed away over a year ago, but a psychic simulation of his judgement, the Vexillarius, is consulted as oracle.”
“For what reason?”
“For ongoing judgement on important matters.”

Oedimon looked to Auric with an approving smile

“What do they call the Vexillarius?”
“An industrial mirror of the Emperor’s mind.”
“Is it his soul?”
“I don’t know.”
Good. Auric thought. He shows humility.

“You should know too, Telesterion, that it is said at times the Emperor’s spirit-genius manifests, as an ectoplasmic cloud hovering over those assembled, and alters in colour depending on the state of his suffering or happiness in the afterlife.”

Excerpt from chapter 1:

The art we call Modernism is best described as a psychological disease, the goal of which is nothing less than the total destruction of art — which it has more or less successfully done.

Modernism (or Postmodernism) is both an attitude to visual art and an accompanying philosophy, which now dominates our culture artistically, spiritually, politically and socially. We are immersed in it constantly, so that virtually nothing is free from its infectious absurdity. From our architecture to our fashion and our way of speaking, to the very ideas you are permitted to express; it is the victory of the final remaining virtue of non-judgementalism. All other virtues have been discarded. What is worse is that it is based entirely on lies and conformism to foggy, relativist thinking. And all this was achieved not by warfare or political force, but by commandeering and obscuring the definition of art.