A Kingdom of Sages

None can be free who is a slave to and ruled by his passions.
– Pythagoras

It is no longer necessary to be led by unwise politicians and similar meaningless leadership, as their world has completely lost its way, and their dominion is no longer governed by law. Pay it no heed. There is a semblance of law, to be sure, a facade — but it is illegitimate and unjust. You might at any time be jailed or humiliated just for saying a ‘wrong’ word. The lawful order has been torn apart by wild dogs, hyenas of the steppe, each representing a bureaucracy of special interest, fighting over the carcass with blood-spattered maws.

In such a world of chaos there yet remains guidance — the only true guidance there has ever been: that of holy men who are detached from crude passions. The leadership of sages.

But where are these men? Are they found behind the billboard displaying the proudly obese lingerie model? In the background of the stomach-churning homo-erotic Christmas ad? No, are deeply hidden in the chaos of this society… but they are out there. They are there in the cracks of the internet, they are glimpsed in passing (with excited interest, like bigfoot) in the street, in obscure youtube videos, or snippets of news, or unexpected encounters. What stray comment you might catch from them can change your life, incite you to rage or tears.

There is no righteous kingdom of wisdom without sages. To be ruled without sagacity, but with only a material pragmatism, is to be ruled by banal degradation. This fosters wretchedness of the soul and people become selfish, vulgar and misguided. Profit becomes the chief value as culture sours and turns negative. True creativity becomes impossible.

A creative contribution is a selfless act of love, a genealogical duty for the greater good. It is performed not only to be remembered, but in order to increase the quality of life and experience for future generations. An act which elevates the soul of mankind towards goodness.

Beauty and goodness are philosophical concepts.

The materialist politician is the carnal representation of vice. Inherently wicked and of self-interest, the cultural larder is robbed while his cheshire grin never falters. This politician encourages a slavery to cruder passions, binding his slaves with the fictional rules of ‘economics’ – which he himself dictates. Without wise sages the people are lost in this quagmire. The sage lights the path to virtue with his flaming staff, with only familial and spiritual concern in his heart, and the tidal necessities of power. Tempered by wisdom, not greed.

The sage-who-commands is the greatest fear of the economist and the politician. A truly wise sage is a dream to some, a nightmare to others.

He who abhors and shuns the light of the Sun, He who refuses to behold with respect the living creation of God, He who leads the good to wickedness, He who makes the meadows waterless and the pastures desolate, He who lets fly his weapon against the innocent, An enemy of my faith, a destroyer of Thy principles is he, O Lord!
– Zoroaster

1 thought on “A Kingdom of Sages

  1. Interesting article tbh.
    I’d like to add 2 things:
    if the Sage is the real Sage, he would refuse to lead anyone. People of solid character don’t want to have power over other people nor to lead them, as they believe that everyone is able to lead themselves.

    Second is that the economic law of supply & demand is not a fictional rule but a very real one, explaining everything. Politicians don’t understand economics.

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