Aristocratic Creativity

“The purpose of knowledge is action, not knowledge.”

The contemporary world is the plaything of ‘the normal person’. The supposed (fake) paradigm of the ‘markets’ dictates the behaviour of routine-followers and petty status-seekers, who decide the direction of the daily grind in social interaction. Anything which might cause confusion, uncertainty, genuine humour (any ‘unapproved newness’) will result in casual shunning. Society is no longer directed by acts of violent, fiery creativity, which might open roads of inspiration, but by the endless rallying consensus of small-soul ‘social rules’, the hen-pecking bureaucracy of cowards.

Normals, who look at you with wide-eyed horror if you transgress the normalspeak, cannot now have so much as a clear hierarchical goal, let alone a passionate creative idea. The world is abused and shackled by their status-based bourgeois intellectualism, satisfying only to infantile idiots and oversocialized psychopaths. Inept, out-of-their-depth credentialists armoured with pointless degrees from indoctrination factories.

For these castrated patsies basic natural facts are now a kind of evil noise. A noise which if heard, causes a physical and psychological torment. They know that as long as they stay in the steady stream of ‘normal behaviour’, they won’t be abandoned by the shoal. They are riddled with fear.

The life of commerce is the ultimate end-goal of progress and evolution, to the larval product-enjoyer. He enjoys sports – not the mystery of metaphysics, aristocratic space exploration, or visions of spectral adventure. He wants to know that he doesn’t live too far away from the hospital.

Intellectualism without an aristocratic vision leads to sterility, and the absence of blood causes a withdrawing from the high stakes of life, traded for an illusionary world wrapped in plastic bubble-wrap. They engage in endless petty arguments over incremental ‘facts’, fighting to sustain the false belief that our entire moral foundation, in its essential truths, does not rest on the historic necessity-agreements of axe swinging steppe-rapists.

An aristocratic intellectual debate should be about how best to test ourselves, to earn the attention of Olympus. Not to be hindered by the samsaric drivel that comes from modern reason-debaters, with their fey metric of ‘who killed less people’. History belongs to the noble and wise, and the noble and wise are men of action, they make history, not debate it.

Great men need to be free to discuss great ideas, and there are no great ideas without the freedom to potentially say anything.

To inspire imagination and valor you do not need an endless stream of fact-checked information, but ideas and partially-insane notions from the grail explorer who has seen a vision. Something unusual. Practicers of wisdom must pray chiefly to Minerva, or occasionaly to Metis – goddesses of deep thinking, and cunning.

An aristocratic intellectual pursuit is foundationally about taming the world of samsara to noble ends, to intentionally seek and wish a life of spiritual and physical hardships in order to achieve self-becoming.

The possibilities of Herculean legacy reside with the brute. And prayers to Hercules (as we see in the ancient Aesop fable) do not go unheard, but receive the response: ‘put your back into it, man’.

“Knowledge, if it does not determine action, is dead to us”

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