Cinema is Over


It’s over,

just forget it.

The artistry of the cinema is a tool for liberal nihilists to peddle progressivism. You might say that was true from extremely early on, however it was only overtly and unbearably so in recent times. The artistry was lost with the inception of cgi and lifeless, over-fluid computer handling – which destroyed the enjoyment of hand-crafted special effects, and traditions of visual trickery, which made everything seem possible to the viewer, as within the means of human emulation.

Instead of films glorifying the achievements of the culture which created film as an art form, we have devolved into creating circuses of revisionism, poisonously woke (without fail) in order to tarnish the beauty and mystique of the Occident. A precursor to enslaving the stock of its very genius.

Films no longer promote optimism or romantic heroism, but to our misfortune, only false ans trite themes with endlessly recycled formulaic plots which are in themselves vehicles for social justice character choices and mocking negativity. Apocalyptic torture-porn nihilism or popcorn-caped-heroes and stories which promote victim-hood and egalitarianism. Today’s films are obsessed with the losers, not with the victors.

Films are no longer about telling tales of great sailors, cowboys, conquerors, knights, explorers, artists, spies and inventors. The modern day cinema has become anti-patriarchal, disregarding the strength and beauty of the occidental world. Modern films no longer embody accomplishment oriented narratives, but stories which are based on hedonism and destruction. Hence the advent of the anti hero in contemporary films.

This is the product of liberal nihilists converting our culture into an envy oriented culture, as oppose to a culture which reveres accomplishments, but a culture that wants to tear down great accomplishments in order to appease the underachievers. This is the liberal pursuit for an egalitarian society, a society which doesn’t revere greatness and victory since it symbolizes an ordered hierarchy, but a society which wants to level everything down so it can fulfill its egalitarian utopia.

Movie theaters are no longer designed as art deco cinematic temples, surrounded by beautifully illustrated movie posters in order to glorify the poetic mastery and splendor of great film making and story telling. Unfortunately this has nullified the mystery and magic of movie theaters.

Sadly, as of today, we get the promotion of nihilism and the desecration of the Occident in our films. Which generates an egregore of negative energy and a self – destructive atmosphere and mindset in our societies.

This is why traditional story tellers need to re-conquer the cinema. We need films which will generate an egregore of victory and greatness of occidental civilization. Without the genius of these men, the reality of film making would not be a possibility.

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  1. I do agree that cinema has been subverted for a long time. Essentially since 1970 or so. Seriously, look at any list of films from 1970-2000. Entire genres of degradation like the slasher, and every “serious” film was about hedonism and nihilism, or “exposing the false facade of American society” (e.g. American Beauty). What’s happened in the last 10-15 years is the complete loss of QUALITY, not a change in messaging. They used to be able to produce compelling propaganda, now they can’t.

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