As a label for describing the current social reality, InfoWars is perhaps the most accurately named media outlet of our time and is, in fact, a sublime signifier of the current (dis)order.

9/11, WMD, Iraq, ISIS, Trump, Russia, Syria, Bellingcat, Wikileaks, DNC emails, Institute for Statecraft, Skripal – it’s all Info War. Memeplexes are compound collections of signs representing competing ontologies. The ‘postmodern’ condition is characterised by the proliferation of multitudinous memeplexes. That’s the Info War.

InfoWars was founded in 1999, emerging from a singularity formed by the gravitational collapse of the preexisting dominant memeplex convergent with the emergence of an underlying multitude of competing ontologies.

When you are injecting the social space with packets of memeplex constituents, it can be infected with a self replicating virus that accelerates the necessity for order. The only way out is through.

The entity of InfoWars is therefore the anti-Feuerbach. It supplies that third of the Hegelian dialectic represented by Shiva the destroyer or Fjalar the crimson rooster, it supplies the negation necessary to the equation for sublation.

Hegel believed he was describing a dialectical process that had lead TO him. But was he was actually describing the dialectical process that sprang FROM him.

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