The Crisis of Today’s Youth

“Great affairs should be done at once so that thoughts about danger do not weaken your courage and speed”
– Julius Caesar

The youth of today have lost a respect for authority, and do not understand what a sense of duty is. This failing is due to no authority or duty being presented to them.

Their natural heroes are hidden from view – the heroes names have now undergone a second burial, long after their bodies, and are whispered now only as arcane, misunderstood ghosts in the language of culture. The natural paternal guidance of ‘a land’s fathers’ are re-interpreted via a prism of feminism, or more often just made absent. There is virtually no example in popular culture of men of true reason and courage to revere, certainly not without a caveat about the evil of their pre-modern morality. What was once good has become bad.

Figures in authority today do not exude or promote high ideals, they exude changeable, gossippy values – the kind of carrion, effete, weasel-nature that is rewarded in corporate boardrooms. They scarcely know what virtues are, as they have now a self-fulfilling and fortified tautology of materialism, conformism and mass-marketing plans. The mention of paternal virtues (sacrifice, struggle, physical courage) are an abstract, unimportant concept met with puzzlement or disdain. Common ideals have been reduced to mundane standards, dispelling energy or optimism in exchange for a perpetual fleeting to a new (imagined) standard of safety. To our ancestors there would be no recognizable leadership qualities in these people.

The youth can not see any popular standard of physical courage, family values, honour-rules, or the codes of knighthood, therefore it is to them as a kind of myth or dead format. They see only the values of the politician, or the CEO: personal advantage, manipulation, two-facedness, social fear, and greed. The youth themselves are to these predatory opportunists nothing more than an energetic asset for material exploitation.

The solution to this is both plain and outrageous. Only the hardened, war-like mystic could adequately reshape this broken assemblage of hens, Only the instrument of ummovable righteousness could sweep their trashy, feeble hides out of the once-sword-and-shield-encircled guild-halls they infest and decorate (masquerade) as kindergartens and insurance sales offices.

The youth should be guided and disciplined to commit heroic and monumental deeds in the name of their ethnological past and future. They should not be encouraged into hedonism, as in the spring of their adulthood the young will find their way, without aid, to a natural sylvan decadence. Thus the culture should ameliorate this as much as possible, by at least attempting to encourage a cultural prudence, instead of celebrating and rewarding the hedonistic. Or at the very worst, encouraging an enslaving, submissive vice, as opposed to a worked and goal-oriented sense of passionate conquest. The lack of institutions promoting heroism or courage or exhibiting exemplary role models is today a genuine pandemic, the evil fruits of which we currently sow. Who is not mortified by the state of the youth today? Creatures of limitless self-pity and self-destruction.

The truth unthinkable to most is that a truly functioning society requires bad-asses in positions of power. Fighters who nurture a sporogenous view to life, such as health-through-strength and hereditary achievement one-upmanship. In the wake of the bad-ass comes risk-takers and visionaries, who crop up in the shadow of an unwavering resolve, as the land is criss-crossed with strong currents of ideology.

The youth, and everyone else, will always naturally respect men of high courage who embody knighthood and its aesthetic trappings. The cowards may be in control for now, but they can only pilot a plane in one direction. Downward.

Limit to courage? There is no limit to courage.
– Gabriele D’Annunzo


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