Psychedelic Culture

Psychedelic culture should be assimilated into a more aristocratic, philosophically grounded order. As was once attempted at the fringes of the sixties movements (Ken Kesey, Terence McKenna) and earlier (doctors Lewis and Heffter), and further back again during the golden age of the Elusinian Mysteries1 and the drinkers of Soma. For those fearless psycho-kosmo-nauts interested in hallucinatory self-experimentation, the internal vista should be studied under the archaic principle (as above so below) which states that the internal contains, cryptically, the entirety of the external. A good deal of primal creative concepts, scientific discoveries, and artistic innovations include psychedelics as a major influence.

The experience of altered states of consciousness is a proven fertile influence for people who cultivate a sense of creative genius within their character. A person who is inclined to research the mystic terrains of his own mind, ego, and preconceptions requires a scientific vehicle and heroic framework for his experimental exploration. To this day, as always, it requires a certain level of courage to even approach a consciousness-altering substance such as mushrooms or peyote, it is not a fey social drug for extroverts or impulsive drones. It is not addictive. It always entails potential psychological trauma.

Only specially-trained, academically astute people should be permitted to experiment with these mind-altering substances, with a sincere interest in aristocratic aims, guided by psychologists who are classically educated in occidental as well as oriental philosophy. In order to initiate the pyschonautical novice into a higher understanding of philosophical mysticism, to defend him from the demons of doubt, powers of chaos, and inexplicable phenomenon he will encounter. Always the initiate must have a goal to heroically attain a higher, transcendental order, in order to bring it back with him, to make manifest an alteration to the timeline desired by the Kosmos.

These mystic elites should engage in a secretive psychedelic ritual every couple of years in order to retain its sacredness, divorced from anything resembling pleasure-seeking or commodifiable routine. Democratic promotion of psychedelics de-sacralizes the experiences, and de-values the wisdom of psychedelic learning. Neo-liberal hippies are dangerously evil people who carry a virulent mental pathogen, and should be treated as an untouchable class of rat-eaters. The whole junkie culture derives from undisciplined, neo-liberal, democratic values. Numbing or pleasure-seeking drugs like cocaine or heroin are for small-soul trash, and not an elite of pyschonautic innovators and explorers.

We disagree with the thoughts of Huxley that possibilities for transcendence could be given to the masses. The masses require a sheltered, simplified version of all realities and energies disseminated to them gradually by a trained priest-class. Indeed, this does not involve comforting fictions, but rather realities, if we take the matter earnestly Ernst Jünger is closer to the ideal thinker on this matter.

Thus ends the psychedelic sermon.

  1. The Eleusinian Mysteries were initiations held every year at Eleusis in ancient Greece. The mysteries represented the myth of the abduction of Persephone by Hades. Among the participants were probably creative powerhouses such as Sokrates, Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Plutarch, Hadrian, Julian, and Cicero

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