The Leftist Desire To Rewrite History

There is a common tendency among leftists (both hard left and soft) which can be observed and studied as a group behaviour. That is a desire to revise or erase history.

To alter reality itself, to make something un-true, and to never be able to remember it as true. It is of course fascinating to study them like lab mice or spider colonies, observing with total objectivity their curious and even unexpected communal animal habits.

Obviously this is one of their most highly dangerous, morally villainous, and even psychotic common hobbies. But common it is, and seems to be shared by everyone with a leftist slant, from the most casual Netflix casting agent to the most ardent, militaristic communist. We are all now well familiar with our formerly precious popular culture and history being revised to meet leftist expectation, it has sadly become a fact of daily life in our rapidly flushing ‘culture’. But the desire to control and twist the past is so blatantly sinister that among the more casual leftist it must surely cause at least a twinge of self-doubt or reluctance. But if it does, there is no evidence of this, not even signs of hesitation.

A great example of the precise mania of this impulse as a mass political trait is the party photographs of Stalin. Not happy to merely take down the pictures and put up new ones, old photos of his former communist comrades which Stalin fell out with and executed HAD TO BE doctored. The offending person in question had to be removed from that specific image, from that record of history, lifted out of the photo and the photo put back on the wall. Total erasure.  

I expect the source of this behaviour lies in that desperate leftist fantasy, that of a hidden ‘world of equality’. That magical land they cannot bear to see unrepresented in reality. A place without hierarchy, rules, contets, or authority. A sparkling mashmallow bouncy castle of a world, where nothing meets resistance or counterpoint. Yet they are at war, and viciously so, with nature herself, a war they wage with total control of information. At root they are terrified of reality, and of the lessons of the past, and wish to control it, like impious children.

Their great weakness, this small missing piece of their psyche (the maturing experience that falsifies the equality lie) is the source of the great terror they unleash upon the world.

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