There is a well-known streak of ‘UFO culture’ found in the philosophy of the New Age movements. But what most ardent UFO researchers fail to realize is that they are not searching for ‘little green men’ at all, but instead performing a continuation of the tradition of channelling ‘invisible entities’. A practice which has been performed since John Dee (and probably earlier) and taken up by spiritualists and later by the theosophists and neo-theosophists. There is a direct evolution from theosophy to UFO cultism, and via that a more troubling link between New Agers and globalist world government.

A gathering of the Ancient Order of Druids, founded in 1717, including in the above picture Winston Churchill and below the former Queen Elizabeth.

The genealogy is quite succinct. Emma Hardinge Britten, great patron of the Orphic Circle, was as a teenage girl used as a Scryer in seances remarkably similar to the spirit communications of John Dee, and would later become a founding member of the theosophical society (of course).

Edward Bulwer-Lytton ofthe Orphic group would famously go on to publish ‘Vril: The Coming Race’. Perusing the Orphic Circle material it quickly becomes obvious that they were a prototype for the more (in)famous Golden Dawn institution. A parent in the lineage.

But why is this significant? The Enochian Magic of the Golden Dawn would go on to influence Crowley, Parsons and L Ron Hubbard (scientology). Jack Parsons would notoriously go on to completely screw up the BABALON working by using the wrong Ayre, vindicating Crowley’s reservations about what ‘these louts’ were up to.

The point in time in which the scyring and summonation morphed into ufology in the genealogy of channeled entities/spirit communications was likely the the organization headed by Andrija Puharich – his ‘Council of Nine’. Puharich’s round table group were themselves inheritors of the theosophy of The Orphic Circle of Emma Hardinge Britten, and the work of his group led directly to the theosophically-inspired UFO cults of the mid 20th century.

Andrija Puharich (1918 – 1995) was a doctor, inventor, and an esoteric and paranormal researcher, known for bringing Israeli psychic Uri Geller to the United States, but more importantly for forming the Council of Nine channelling group. The three primary members of this group were Puharich, a woman named Phyllis Schlemmer, and Sir John Whitmore (a British inheritor and race car driver, considered a pioneer of business coaching).

Dr. Puharich

The ‘Council of Nine’ entities channelled by Puharich were supposedly the ancient Nine of the Egyptian Ennead, and they claimed to exist in a “Zone of Cold” (superconductivity). Dr. Puharich also claimed to have been in contact with an EXTRATERRESTRIAL group who he referred to as Spectra, a name he created as their language was supposedly otherwise inexpressible.

Unknown Agents, Secret Chiefs, Ascended Masters, The Nine… all had their roots in the Orphic Circle/Golden Dawn experimentation and marked a ‘modernizing’ of the theosophy which was the bastard attic-child of the work begun by John Dee. Dee and Kelly did, as it happens, document encountering a ‘little man’ who flied away in a ‘little fiery cloud’. This approach was also followed by the Rectified Scottish Rite established to contact what they believed to be angels, and this credo remains at the heart of theosophic pursuits…

…and those of the UFO cults.

The most interesting thing about the latest obviously astro-turfed ‘UFO’ hysteria is that it took place about 30 miles from Giant Rock (the largest freestanding boulder in the world in the Mojave desert and gathering point for UFO believers in the 1950’s).

Giant Rock

It was at Giant Rock where Heorge Van Tassell had his infamous UFO meeting. But the Rock itself seems to go back further than that, to certain Masonic Rites in the mid 18th century, related once again to the: ‘…objective of establishing contact with spiritual beings of a higher order, usually believed to be angels or spirits’.

All the early ‘UFO contactees’ had some connection to theosophy.

Among the current New Age spiritualists we see the popularity of Gaia TV. I speculate that Gaia TV is the origin of all the Divine feminine/mother nonsense you see permeating small-talk today as well. Remember she is a WAR GOD. This requires careful observation and thought – the seemingly harmless New Agers/neo-theosophists may pose a more real and malignant threat than is obvious from their patchouli-scented appearance. Someone needs to carefully document and figure out exactly what the hell is going on (in a cultural evolutionary sense).

There is an entire rabbit-hole of IAM/Church Universal and Triumphalism (such as the inevitable CIA Iran-Contra connection in obscure UFO literature), leading to crazed theories that pop-music chanting is possibly an NLP/mind control trick. But that is its own subject.

Gaia TV used to be called GaIAM. Interesting they changed the name in 2016.

Also everyone should ask their local ‘spiritual’ wine aunt if she’s ever heard of the ‘violet flame’. I bet she has, but won’t be able to tell you where it’s from. They pick it up on Facebook groups.

I suspected that the Church Universal and Triumphant would have a UFO ‘bent’ because it comes out of the IAM activity, and lo and behold after some cursory research I found a reference to their activity with the CIA in one of the most obscure books in ufology. Subsequently I learned that Elizabeth Clare Prophet was increasingly interested in UFOs. It is the Church Universal and Triumphant that appears to have its hooks into certain people in the Military Industrial Complex, and this of course then flows into Qanon

Former NRO and NGA officer David Grusch has written a document that seemingly alludes to agreements between world governments and the non-human intelligence behind UFOs. For those of us with a sufficiently conspiratorial view, it is not impossible to assume world governments have at least attempted to make agreements with Puharich’s spectral entities.

And for those who can’t believe this, it remains not unlikely that important members of world governments believe it.

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