Two Hard Truths, One Good and One Bad

“Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed.”
― Stanisław Lem

The American Empire, the Capitalist System, the New World order, the modern ‘West’ (whatever we choose to call this shambolic, deadly, technocracy) has hidden in its behaviour a certain pattern which can be studied. Not the obvious pattern, not its stated goals, or what would seem in its historic interest, but the patterns that define what it truly is, and where it is truly going.

With careful study, in defiance of emotional expectation or moral norms, we can see its heart’s desire in the direction, of its goals. Not its stated goals, which are lies, but in the pattern of the results of those goals. With a kind of ‘hard prescience’ we might predict the end-road for this Western/American empire, and how to survive it (if that is even possible) by those attributes it has which are unwavering and absolute. Aspects of its ‘personality’ shall we say, which are absolutely fundamental to its current existence.

Of such, it appears to have two primary final characteristics, each encapsulating, at either end of the spectrum, both its great strength and its great weakness. They are the system’s ying and yang, as it cannot have one without the other, its fate is tied up with both.

  1. The system’s strength is its willingness and ability to terrorize and control the populace at any cost, even at the loss of its foundational values, very possibly to the point of human extinction.

2. Its weakness is that virtually all its plans are hopeless, inept, false and dysgenic, and every passing day all its systems become shabbier, weaker and more chaotic.

Now these aspects I would call ‘power points’, being that they are absolutely and unalterably true, and thereby predictive. Actual augury is not necessarily divined through a processless wizardry, but through a mental broadening which displays before the seer the likely probability of power exchanges that weave through events, one after another. HARD prescience means an evaluation of likely future outcomes that avoids completely any trace of emotion or human hopes, which often have little bearing on consequence.

In doing so we have to admit our anti-human system has proven extremely effective in controlling dissidents, terrorising and manipulating the populace, engaging in international wars and adventures, and generally doing as it pleases without showing many signs of weakness or vulnerability. Certainly there is no trace of it doubting itself, and if anything it has consolidated its power.

So this great strength, despite how we might hope it to be reasonable, or what mercy we might vainly and wrongly expect from it, is like a high-speed locomotive set on a track which cannot stop.

Conversely, the second inescapable truth, its fundamental weakness, is equally unstoppable, and tied inexorably to its fate. All of its plans and desires are hinged upon falsehoods, and it will summon the entire breadth of its powers (the vastest ever conceived) to maintain its own illusions for as long as it can, until the end. These same falsehoods will tear it apart as it goes, like a meteor melting up in the atmosphere, so that there is a push-pull of power, where the fulcrum of dishonesty at the beast’s heart meets the ever-increasing resistance of all its plans falling to pieces.

In the hardness of our augury, which avoids concepts of ‘hope’, there remains a logical outcome, or a period of grace (more a window of opportunity) where the push/pull of the strength and weakness are at maximum opposition. A brief period before the system hurtles, flaming, down to Tartarus, taking us with it – a period where it’s failures and paradoxes have made it so weak with chaos and ineptitude that it might be possible to break free of its ever-watchful eye and ever-tightening grip.

This period will not last long, and will likely be fraught with absolute chaos and collapse. It may be difficult to recognise, because the beast will continue to pretend it is a powerful as ever.

Nothing will stop the system from reaching this point, or from destroying itself.

It is unable, in this sense, to use ‘hard prescience’ upon itself, because it refuses to even begin to doubt its own lies. Those deceits are genuine, the laws of nature the system ignores are as absolute. Even as it sees the doom in its own reflection, it will never admit to it, as it will never relent on prosecuting those that try to point this out, or reason with it. With maximum prejudice.

That is my prediction.

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