Aries full moon Wednesday 20th October 2021 1:57 PM GMT

This hunter’s moon is in the wild and passionate sign of Aries. The Sun is conjunct Mars, giving this moon even more of a hot and fiery feel. Tempers and passions will be high, and emotions will be energetic and strong over the next few days, so keep that in mind as we go on with the reading.

The Sun and Mars are conjunct in Libra in the 9th house of growth, higher wisdom and learning, and they oppose the Moon in the 3rd house of Aries. Near to the Moon is Chiron, representing health and healing, also in Aries. The Sun and Mars represent our philosophy, our ethics, our sense of justice and the principles we base our societies upon. Opposing that are our feelings/emotions and instincts, which in the third house are being manipulated or driven by the media (the 3rd house represents communications). The proximity of Chiron to all this suggests this is about health, so of course it’s representing the ongoing lockdown/vaxx passports issue and all its fallout, as we are seeing across the West. It’s a highly energetic and polarised dynamic but it looks as if the stand-off between the two factions will continue, and that those unhappy with the encroachments upon our freedoms are more determined than ever to continue pushing back.

The Sun and Moon form a T-square, to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto represents destruction and regeneration, so it is necessary that the way we do things such as work and trade (Capricorn rules business and big finance) changes – however, it should be obvious that the Deep State is trying to hijack the energy of these planets to make sure any subsequent regeneration goes the way it wants it to. There is a deep and dark desire for control of the future represented by this planet, but fortunately, if we look at the missing ‘leg’ of this T-square, we have the remedy for this energised and challenging configuration, which is in Cancer.

Cancer is ruling the 7th house of relationships and business partnerships. The 7th house is about contracts of all kinds. So, with Cancer here, this a gentle reminder to be kind and compassionate when dealing with others during this cosmic maelstrom, as well as being prudent, cautious and trusting your intuition when dealing with others. (That may be difficult for some but in an age of rampant disinformation and propaganda on all levels, what else do we have to go on?) Being kind will go a long way to diffuse the tensions of this full moon, so go steady.

The Saturn/Uranus square is building up once again. Saturn is currently transiting Aquarius and Uranus; the ruler of Aquarius is in Taurus. This force is making itself felt in things like food and petrol shortages, and I suspect that these kind of sudden outages/scarcity of things like petrol or raisins will continue for a while, so be prepared. As I’ve said in previous readings, the more you can do to move to other revenue streams now and diversify your income will pay dividends as Uranus going through Taurus is going to change how we work and get money and resources. Incidentally, this is why the Green agenda is being pushed to the max at the moment, because the deep state is trying to capitalise on this Uranus in Taurus energy, as Taurus is often associated with love of the Earth (ecology is probably more represented by Virgo, but I digress).

The Moon will become conjunct with Uranus on the 21st/22nd October depending on your location. Energies will be high over those couple of days, so watch out as it’s a perfect day for unexpected events, or events that are intended to appear unexpected.

There is also a very interesting yod formation involving Uranus. Venus in Sagittarius is sextile Mercury in Libra. Venus is in the 11th house representing truth, freedom and justice for all. In this quest she is supported by Mercury himself in the 9th, who is bringing information to the people, piquing their curiosity and prompting them to ask questions and demand answers. These two planets converge via quincunx onto Uranus, representing the desire for freedom and change, so things could get incredibly interesting as we move into Samhain. Mercury is also opposite Chiron, which means healing, and information about healing and our health systems are being blocked.

Another aspect to look out for is the Moon coming conjunct with the North Node and Black Moon Lilith on the 23rd October. Lilith can represent hidden things coming to light, and the North Node represents ideal direction of travel, so however turbulent this all is, and I know it has been and continues to be for many of us, I’m afraid it is necessary.

Finally, the last aspect to watch out for is Venus coming into a square with Neptune on the 26th. This is a really good aspect to get the creative juices flowing, as it produces quite a dynamic tension. However, as Venus rules love and money, and Neptune rules illusion, use that Cancerian prudence and caution over those days as there will be a dreamy, ethereal energy about which can lead us up the garden path if we’re not careful!

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