Philosophy is impotent when it is not guided by an Arete order. When it no longer has heroic mysticism, when it no longer takes theological Olympianism seriously, it self-degrades into a redundant verbal over-sophistication and tautological isolation. It ceases striving to acquire a higher understanding of the body, soul, and cosmos. When philosophy is no longer transcendent, when it ceases striving to scale mount Olympus ↑, the law of extremes dictates that it must then descend into Tartarus ↓. Into the depths of secular materialism and nihilism, its ideas are no longer enabling to high culture, and its purpose is lost.

Plato (the father of philosophy) laid it out quite clearly: the ideal philosophical education included music, gymnastics, mathematics and dialectics, and this was in order to ensure that the three components of the soul (the appetite, the spirit, and the reason) were in harmony. Harmony being the key concept. By that we mean that it is of paramount importance that these three are not out of balance, that one does not supersedes another, and none remain neglected. Thereby the same is true of the four pillars of education. The threat of bad philosophy arises when people focus solely on dialectics without attending the gym. or music without studying math (ratios). If a philosophy lacks the motivation to be adventurous, to improve athletic skills, to increase artistic creativity, to expose practitioners to danger, or to see the world in a poetic and mystical manner, it is derivative, redundant noise. It lacks the primal inspiration, the catalyst for aspiring to moral and intellectual heroism, physical courage, or divine asceticism.

Unsurprisingly most popular philosophy today, like just about everything else, is a bourgeois and conformist waste of time. It has been co-opted by safety-goblins, and presents no threat whatsoever to conformist consoomerism, which should be its primary enemy. The modern philosopher is a kind of lesser pseudo-celebrity who cajoles the mass mind, distracting them from their abject mediocrity, preventing their safe world views from being challenged by an unforgiving order of excellence. He is there to throw a covering blanket over higher forms of rational religious ideas, to cause the podperson to lose interest in the cosmos and its twinkling stars, by blinding them with pallid street lights.

Most of today’s philosophers have no artistic skills, no athletic skills, no musical skills, no martial skills, no visionary skills. They only have academic abilities so they can gather an accumulation of ideologies and theories for self-indulgent egos and effete personalities, housed in sickly noodle-armed bodies.

If you call yourself a philosopher and talk about aspiring to a higher nature, you must practice this yourself.

There are steps which can be taken to amend this situation. Firstly philosophy should be fundamental to all education. This alone would ensure the five pillars of education, encircled by harmony, are kept paramount.We should restore Greco-Roman university models, where after academic studies students challenge each other in martial arts, guided by classical rituals to sacralize the gymnasium, as you see in Japanese sumo wrestling matches, where the Shinto priest sacralizes the wrestling arena with his hymns and religious rituals, dedicated to the gods.This patrius environment would instantly disable, turn away, or fix sickly communist infiltrators and ignoble bugmen,

The title of the philosopher should be a dangerously hard to obtain. Philosophical contemplation should be a dangerously trans-formative experience.

“The goal of Platonic philosophy is wisdom and immortality achieved through the ascent (anagoge) of the soul. It is coming to be like a god (homoiosis theo) and union with the divine at the level of noetic theophanies or the ineffable source itself”

-Algiz Uzdavinys

People who talk well but do nothing are like musical intruments; the sound is all they have to offer


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