Futurism, pulp art, and Psychedelic naturalism

Upon close analysis of the artwork in the Italian futurism movement, our verdict is that it was barbarically crude, largely forgettable, and entirely materialistic (devoid of any dangerous sacred mysticism). That is with the caveat that there are examples of Futurism which contain elements of classical standards and skill, mostly due to the heavy influence of the neoclassical Art Deco popular at that time. As such the most notable aspects of Futurism are the surviving traditional elements, but they are overshadowed by the novelty-exploitation which is typically modern. That is: gimmicky, hipsterish, ooh look how arty I am with my random squiggles – fuck off. It is artistically non-threatening, by creating a sham veneer of rebellion in the form of its refusal to exhibit skill. The escape hatch of femmy ‘quirkiness’. It is the limp, hubristic punk rock vs the superior classic heavy metal argument. The former is superficial and excused by its very crappiness, the latter wears its honest power-values-heart on its sleeve. We feel compelled to suggest a superior approach.

Hopefully, within time, we can envision an archeofuturistic art movement investigating the much-overlooked genre of 60’s/70’s/80’s sci fi/sword & sorcery/psychedelic pulp art.

Imagine this, if you will, fused with a serious and intimate classical ideology, assimilated into a neo-Platonic theological order, a spiritual/mythical aesthetic idealism. In this artistic manner the cult of heroes and gods may be awaiting, once more, to be extracted from the paper and ink, canvas and paint. For instance gymnasiums should be decorated with murals and statuary of cult heroes and mythical beauties. Not corporate graphic-designed yoga pants posters. A cult in visual art should be revived and evolved, embracing a creative freedom long-thought discarded: the imaginative, internal, psychedelic, unfettered virility of pre-feminist imaginative arts.

Speculative fantasy and science fiction vistas, complex progressive rock, and risky, experimental over-becoming which is honest and unfettered by frightened materialist values. Erotic gorgons holding swords, mystical flamen priests doing rituals while holding serpents, Pictish brutes sacrificing to war gods on ancient stones, a priestess sitting on her throne with her cheetah pets in a desert, future men like gods using stars as forges. Concepts unhindered by the worthless opinion of the normie, who quivers feverishly before raw ideas and honest virility, and thinks he knows what is mature and what is juvenile, as he scoffs at primal heroism and tunes in to Love Island after a hard day on the Google accounting team.

May the archaeo-futuristic Caesar of tomorrow ride motorcycles, surf, have deep knowledge of philosophy, duel with sabre, and practice pankration in his gymnasium. We must summon this character from the mire, the black pool of algae awaiting lightning bolts from heaven.

“Danger is the axis of a sublime life. “
– Gabriele D’Annunzio

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