Mad Monks and Holy Kingdoms.

“You see man as a rather dismal creature.”
“Yes. Why not? Look around…you’ll see what’s there. Fear, and frightened people who kill what they can’t understand.” – Dunwich Horror, 1970

The assassination of the mad monk Rasputin symbolized the death of the old holy kingdoms. The link to the old world of magic and mystic history was severed, as Rasputin was from his life. He ate the poisoned food, to no effect, then to his assassin’s amazement, he drank the poisoned wine – also to no effect. They shot him dead, but upon returning later to dispose the body, he lept up upon them, chasing his murderers outside, where they shot him a final time.

In similar fashion it is not possible to truly kill the old world, which is the true world. While we have successfully and murderously smothered it with a tyrannically materialism, capitalist/communist statecraft is about statistics and numbers, it has no interest in unfathomable religious enigma, or even natural law. They believe they can construct reality as they go, and not even in a heroic or uplifting fashion, but in an unchanging locked infinity of envy and fear.

It has always been the sacred mad-men who underpin the momentous power-exchanges of the world. To this day, the wealthy and powerful keep witches and augurs of one type or another, in defence of their power and to focus their intention. Every one of them holds some kind wizard hidden in a back room. The principles of how a history is affected follows a more nonsensical and intuitive course than any which could be plotted with methodical reason.

Emperor’s mad monks and billionaire’s warlocks may be said to produce their miracles and anomalies through their seemingly unrelated, bizarre behaviour. The unaimed students of entrails and omens penetrate, without knowing how, behind the curtain of reality. The ‘spooky action at a distance’, or relation of human events to an unrelated natural one (such as an Athenian king basing his next war-move on the pattern of a passing eagle) is not a ‘traditional superstition’. It is more of an instinctive (animal) science.

All the plans of Odyssean cleverness and preparation can still hinge upon the tipping accord of Fortuna. A chance of wind, a loose nail.

The mad monks understand natural relations as messages of divine source affecting time. These monks travel through vast forests and deserts for divinely inspired experiences, they dwell in caves for ascetic purposes and are always despised by tyrants and materialists for their ecstatic and lawless nature. India, being an ancient civilization of yogis, mystics, ascetics and aghori monks, never became fully prone to scientific materialism, and never succumbed to the perils of communism. But China, being an ancient civilization as well, fully succumbed to tyrannical materialist statecraft because they lost sight of the wisdom of sacred monks and ascetic wildmen in the flurry of early contact with powerful Western war-technology.

Ascetic wild men still exist in the West, they fall through the cracks and their wisdom is often lost. Impious and fearful control-freaks have always despised this free-spirited, wandering sage.

“The greatest Aghori of all time in the western world has and will always be the personality they call Jesus the Christ. A divine madman of the highest order. He was God intoxicated and did not discriminate between good, bad or ugly.”
– Sri Aghoracharya Vishnuswami

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