Monarchic Futurism

The conquest of the cosmos can only become a reality for Solar Occidentals if we strictly adopt a system of sacred governance. One which pursues long-term visions and goals with a group-civilizational self-conception. A dominion of Holy Kings, entrusted with passing down a cultural legacy and administrating ambient, centuries-long projects via a dynasty of dedicated monarchs.

Without the husbandry of an aristocracy, which nourishes high culture, long term thinking, and over-arching objectives, we get a transient, materialist civilization dedicated to gluttony and hedonism. That is what we currently have, what we need is a civilization dedicated to transcendence and discipline which differentiates itself from the self hating ghouls of the black abyss.

Space ships and deep space travel, like the temples of elder antiquity, can only be successful upon a resolute, long-term vision, one which may take centuries to accomplish. Without an aristocratic hierarchy to discipline the mass and the lesser nobility, to unite them with Promethean purpose, the order and stability and focus would dissolve over time. Without an elite priestly class, how can you devote your starship to the gods? How can a cosmic conquest be sacralized without your moral archetypes?

Promethean visions which are larger and longer than your own personal lifespan are the summit of purpose and the heart of anything resembling real civilization. Short-term thinking, on the other hand, which is so prevalent in egalitarian ideologies, guarantees its extinction.

Time to colonize the stars, and build cosmic temples, dedicated to the Gods. A new mythos awaits the conquerors of the cosmos.

“It’s my contention that feudalism is a natural condition of human beings…not that it is the only condition or not that it is the right condition…that it is just a way we have of falling into organisations”

– Frank Herbert

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