Heavy metal musicians have the correct thumos to embody solar conquerors, as their moral metric of posers (dishonesty) vs trü metal (valorous energy) contains an in-built anti-materialism and extant aggression which upsets the bourgeois and the fey. It is not possible for a trü metal practitioner to have a victim-hood mentality or to whine about failures in life. The distorted guitar, when wielded with Pythagorean skill, symbolizes the thunderbolt of Zeus.

Heroism and mastery is absent in whiny hipster bands, their deracinated gyno-folk warbling is about how miserable and lame they are. It is always anti-aristocratic, never Olympian and forthright. No heroism, their only thought being what kind of noise can they make to appeal to wine aunts.

If a new breed of Heavy metal/hard rock musicians don’t embody the virtues of the solar conqueror, who’s going to stave off the gangster rap artists? Noodle armed buskers forever warbling ‘hallelulia’?

Part of the appeal that heavily-promoted gangster rap enjoyed as it conquered the rock/heavy metal culture in the mid 90’s was simply embodying the values of the victor, even though it was expressed in a brainless, subversive manner. Hard rock and metal was originally about kicking ass, not about being a whinging hipster-victim (Curt Cobain), but a victor. People are attracted to music played by people who embody a victorious mindset; the heroes journey which results in kingship, not the limitless problems of the nihilist dependent.

We desire a culture and society that aspires to this victory, not to defeat. Important popular categories of music should be targeted towards the heroic, inflamed with Olympic values which encourage seemingly-impossible variation and experimentation. Metallers appear as the warrior, the magus, the bard, the high priest, the Troubadour; they are are in sync with both megalithic lintels and Renaissance cobblestones. But today there is too much of the chthonic money-centric mass-appeal values of losers. These wretched, fleshy posers pollute the air with universalist squawking and spiritless, effete intonations. They follow an urban trend brand guide handed to them by artless money-power. These are the people who subvert the glorious ones, with envy-fuelled henpecking and rallying emotive blubbering. Aspiring to glory is closer to divinity than being a patsy who constantly follows the latest marketing trends.

We are born to conquer, not to lose. The gods don’t care for the losers, they only care for solar striving. They are pleased by outrageous deeds, as are we all.

Become glorious!

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