On the Saturn Matrix and the Goddess of Fire

By Moonosity.

What is often called Saturn Matrix or Purgatory is the Gap between dimensions that acts as the stabilizer for the dimensions, as a ligament to hold their framework together, thus indicative of a specific design to the Meta-Body. Layers upon layers, built as brick and mortar, they stack up as they lead somewhere, somewhere which has a very specific purpose, a goal of the labyrinth.

We can think of this Gap as a sort of gelatinous brine, or even the superconductive critical state that exists in between the gaseous, liquid, and solid states of matter. This means that the natural rules that exist within dimensions do not operate the same way within this Gap. The Gap is above the rules, so to speak. It is fertile ground for liberation, a wild card which leads to adventure, or more specifically, a portal. As a stasis of peace between the wars and the of the dimensions, these narratives and lines that separate them define the Metanarrative, or the Meta-Body. Spengler had spoken of the Metanarrative in regards to the spirit of our world beyond the cycles of civilizations, but I would take it a few steps further with respect to the dimensions as the spirit that outlines our Universe. This can be taken further when we consider the Multiverse. We may then easily bring this back down to Earth and refer to ourselves, where we see the microcosmic worlds of plant and animal activity as well as even the most minute microbiological and atomic mechanics of nature.

But there is already a name given to this spirit that outlines our Universe, and that is the Time-Spirit: the Zeitgeist. However, we often come to think of this Zeitgeist as purely a meta-body that encompasses all that we do including our fates, but on the contrary it is we who drive its force, we who impel and compel its current to create the Dream of Reality we experience today. Like so, it breaks down to this: whoever warps the Zeitgeist (magick) field gains control of the current, and that current can be projected down any channel, especially the mainstream. The essence of the Zeitgeist is not a god governing us, but rather we are its governing gods.

Simply put: it is whoever uses and projects their spirit into the media (i.e. a vehicle, whether understood in a similar sense as art tools or as a spirit medium) becomes the Zeitgeist of the epoch.

And there is a little secret to harnessing its potential: Fire, which alchemically transmutes the invisible spirit into concrete physicality and manifestation, for fire is what outlives the bodies and experiences it possesses and consumes. Fire is the ultimate divinity of the Creative Power that fills and releases civilizations and its deeply primal and sexual frictions, yet still lives well on without them into the stars of both the photonic and the celestial matrices . . . Fire is the very Beauty that caresses and seizes our perceptions of the World. Like a woman, Fire wants to be both respected and molded to our liking, and as she admires your power more and more, she electrifies the atmosphere with her orgasmic, orgonotic might.

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