Parallax and Tempus

The perfect cybernetic system – the homeostatic loop governed by negative feedback – can properly be conceived of as ‘headless’.

The introduction of the concept of zero into Europe by dark sorcerors in the 13th century precipitated the irruption of a modernity characterised by cascading positive feedback loops, a loop that the system now seeks to close.

Petro-dollar recycling, fractional reserve banking, and fiat currency form a cybernetic dialectical triad that allow for the absolute abstraction of the Capital process and a subsequent decoupling of the productive process from reality into a immaterial mode of production. Capitalism accelerates to the speed of light.

Tempus is the notion that temporal wave frequency contracts as social complexities increase and accrue within and between the productive and relational forces.

If modernity is characterised by positive feedback loops then acceleration is the recogntion that the frequency at which these loops sends waves through the social space is rapidly increasing to the point at which the shockwaves from one are crashing into the shckwaves of the next and the previous.

As frequency increases the bow front of the previous wave catches up with the tail of the last. Crashing through it causes electromagnetic interference that sends convulsions throughout the body of the Machine.

Time becomes compressed.

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