Sagittarius New Moon Wednesday 23rd November 2022 10:57PM GMT

This new moon the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are in Sagittarius, so there is an air of optimism and positivity in the air. How long that will last is hard to say, but it will be in play up until the Winter Solstice at least. Sagittarius is the freedom fighter of the zodiac and represents freedom, truth and growth. On the world stage, we are seeing this play out with the recent takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk. I am well aware that Musk is a controversial figure, and that he could well be keeping his long-term Twitter cards very close to his chest. Nevertheless, at this moment there is no doubt that Musk is playing the role of the Libertarian Crusader King, releasing Twitter itself as well as previous big accounts such as Donald Trump from Jack Dorsey’s digital dungeon on his recent spree. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is trining this Sagittarian stellium from very late Pisces, adding more crusading fire to the Sagittarian flame. In late Pisces, Jupiter adds a touch of idealism and perhaps a certain naivete or (perhaps a Neptunian sleight of hand – as I said, his ultimate plans are unclear) into this heady Yuletide brew.

The Moon trine Jupiter also indicates mass hysteria as well as outpourings of emotion. Jupiter expands and amplifies whatever it touches and is always reactive. So, the emotional reaction to Musk’s takeover seems to be either celebrating the loosening of the censorship muzzle, or righteous indignation at Musk doing so. Both emotions are the domain of Sagittarius and Jupiter, so it’s been very interesting to watch these reactions thrusting to the fore. The Sun and Moon are also trine Neptune, hence confusion and vagueness about what is going on, and how this project will grow. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces suggests it’s very idealistic at Twitter HQ at the moment, with a kind of welcome one, welcome all, kumbaya type of approach. We can expect to see with this transit lots of public reflection about the practices of the previous owners, as many of the planets in this chart are retrograde. That will change once Jupiter goes direct and into Aries next spring. I suspect any big changes Musk has for Twitter will be unveiled around that time.

Also going on this month are the Sun and Moon trine Pluto, which I think is manifesting around the FTX scandal. FTX is the tip of a much bigger iceberg, but it has raised many questions as well as awareness about the corruption inherent with money, big government and big business. The Sun and Moon are both shining their lights on the underbelly of the financial underworld (Pluto in Capricorn) and they do not like it one bit.

To add to this, Jupiter is sextile Pluto. With Jupiter going retrograde, it’s come back into contact with Pluto and this can indicate big, big money, ruthlessness and underground groups. I suspect it’s the duplicity and deceit of these underground groups that is going to increasingly expose them at this time. Their lies are going to be so egregious that even they will not know what is truth and what is fiction. As the luminaries are involved in this aspect (Sun and Moon sextile Pluto, Sun and Moon trine Jupiter), expect more to come to the fore on this between now and the spring. At the time of writing, the controversial fashion house Balenciaga is currently under scrutiny for some of its darker practices, especially involving children. This is also indicated by Mercury and Venus (who are conjunct the Sun and Moon) trining Chiron in Aries. Chiron represents wounding and healing and in Aries often involves childhood and/or youth. Sagittarius can be relentless in its quest for truth and justice, so this type of information leaking out around the Sagittarius new moon is no coincidence.

Retrograde Neptune is square Mars in Gemini (also retrograde). If worked with consciously, this can be a very rewarding aspect and can signify overcoming adversity and lack of confidence to become a compassionate yet powerful force. On our world stage, I think it will mean the ongoing obfuscation, manipulation, lies and deceit about pretty much anything you can shake a stick at. With all the Sagittarian crusader zeal going on, it is going to be difficult for the puppet masters to get their stories straight and they will feel very much under pressure. We’re probably seeing this in all the threats by the US government and their media acolytes to increasingly censor social media as they do not like the current direction that Captain Musk is sailing the USS Twitter in.

Furthermore, Mars is trine Saturn in Aquarius – so there will be lots of discussion about crypto, more digital control, filling the cyberverse this lunation cycle. Mars trine Saturn will feel quite bullying but a lot of it will be hot air, as this trine is in air signs, so it won’t come to much. This trine is part of an ongoing square of Saturn with Uranus in Taurus, which I have discussed in previous readings. Uranus is in traditional and conservative Taurus but regenerating those traditions, while Saturn, the planet of building and empire, is in unconventional and progressive Aquarius and trying to build a new rainbow world. The midpoint of this square is currently Jupiter in very late Pisces, poised for a new growth cycle, so next spring will be interesting to say the least, as we will see the tension between these two planets break.

Sagittarius marks the time of Advent, the conception time for the new growth of next spring. There is a lot of positivity and enthusiasm around this month, so utilise it this winter to pick carefully what you wish to grow. The new growth cycle coming next spring will be ushered in by Jupiter moving into Aries. Whatever we begin then will set the tone for the next 12 years, so prepare accordingly.

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