Contemporary environmentalism is riddled with victimhood hippies, narcissist junkies, neo-liberal quack academics, rap-loving anarchic misanthropes, and beta nihilists. There’s no heroic ethic to the the movement, it is anti-solar.

True environmentalism requires a patrician class of noblemen inspired by a zealous passion for nature and motivated by holistic and heroic perspectives. Adroit and sweeping measures committed by the wave of a leader who has the unquestionable power to reshape a structure, institution, system, or landscape along a heroic sylvan metric. A metric that has balance, long-term thinking, realism, and naturalistic idealism in mind. This is what is required, for aristocratic societies promote discipline, hierarchy, and self-mastery. in complete opposition to the squeamish, effete qualms of the merchant class and their simpering convenience culture – with its painful, empty appeals to environmentalism.

The liberal form of environmentalism views humanity as a plague on this planet. But neo-liberalism is the problem, not humanity itself, since neo-liberalism is anti-human and only interested in the economy. Only a false and foolish baby takes a podium blaming problems on the very thing they want to save and preserve from problems: their own life and people. Juvenile and nihilistic in the extreme, these are the empty platitudes of the false ones. They have no vision to aspire to, and indeed are so uncaring and shambolic they actively promote anti-environmentalism (more urbanism for mass migration, more sentimentalist humanism).

Gluttonous consumerism denigrates the quality of the aristocratic order, and endless economic progress is disastrous for the environment. The patrician noblemen understands that philosophers and priests require pristine forests to contemplate in, since the forest is filled with organic sounds and silence. Sportsmen need pristine forests filled with game so they can undertake hunting expeditions for food and bonding ritual. Scientists need a wild environment to conduct studies in zoology and ecology, the athlete needs a clean environment for physical exercise and play. The fishermen needs clean rivers and oceans to fish in, the holy men need silent pathways in the forest for their religious pilgrimages, the farmers need healthy soil and land to farm in. The heroic explorer requires a vast wilderness in order to undertake quests in, the children of the society need a wild environment to play and explore in, horsemen need wild lands to ride horses in, and future generations need to inherit a clean and resourceful environment so civilization is not out of balance and evil.

The patrician noblemen views the state in which they rule as a piece of artistry, to be sculpted into spiritual and physical perfection. The promotion of hedonism and gluttony upsets the balance of striving to divine archetypes, and man becomes too animalistic to aspire to his higher nature. When the mercantile class rules they promote materialism, which they think is a root motivation, a final power. But it is not, they are short-sighted and ignorant – and there is very good reason that historically the mercantile caste was considered lower than priests, warriors, and artisans, and their opinion made subordinate to kings.

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