Iásonas Lupus and Brendan Heard

“What, then, will be the right way to live? A man should spend his whole life at ‘play’ – sacrificing, singing, dancing – so that he can win the favor of gods and protect himself from his enemies and conquer them in battle.”
– Plato (The Laws)

Throughout the kingdoms and empires of antiquity, the shared, unifying principle within each uniquely crafted state was the pious adherence to the laws of the gods. This incomprehensible sacred mystery is the cultural keystone to the formation of a true noble practice; to the formation of a civilization of great mystery and wonder. This is why states should guard unto death the ecstatic worship of the divine within their civilizations, encouraging the true and ever-evolving (with unchanging core values) spiritual transmogrification which nourishes high culture and achievement.

Statecraft not dedicated to the laws of the gods cannot manifest societies which build for all eternity, self-transforming into mystical kingdoms and empires like those from ancient history. Kingdoms which reach for the very stars, and for states of being beyond man, an ascendancy of our natural hierarchy beneath God and star-souls, but above non-conscious forms. Hubristic commerce-centric techno-society does not reach anywhere.

The mythical representations of the gods can change and evolve over time, but their laws can not. Our awareness of these laws can increase over time.

When we are dedicated to the cult of heroes and gods we become virtuous. States not deeply dedicated to the spiritual transformation of their people are destined by ordinance of the same divine law to become failures, dominated by economic materialism. The natural way is that the painful thralls of economy serve, under the threat and penalty of the sword, the higher spiritual transformation of the people, husbanded by the priestly class in accordance with the laws of the gods.

The real revolutionaries of the future will be heralded by the return of the patricians, this priestly warrior class.

The priestly warrior class is the guardian class, throughout history they are nature-value idealists who shape the spiritual evolution, by adherence to the mysteries. Reverence for the unknowable. Reverence for their great story tellers, poets, artists, architects, sculptors, warriors and mystics. Art-appreciators, bold public work innovators, conquerors, and mystic philosophers.

Without a clan of mystical conquerors to envision and execute the construction of glorious kingdoms and aesthetic temples, for violently non-commercial reasons, then there is no true cultural evolution within the realm of mortals. Seek the legends and ways of the past, the elder days and ancient times for inspiration – because they sought the wisdom and the laws of the gods, so shall we.

This should be our future.

“My dreams are like a caravan that departed long ago to seek the horizons of perilous, unknown, barbaric lands and kingdoms immense and vaguely rumored”
– Clark Ashton Smith

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