Strangeness From The Beyond

“I have declared infinite worlds to exist beside this our earth. It would not be worthy of God to manifest Himself in less than an infinite universe.” — Giordano Bruno

As humanity enters into an epoch of space exploration, it is imperative to discuss the religious and esoteric significance of outer space, and the need for constructing a futuristic mythos for spacebound man. Luckily our forefathers ingeniously populated the heavens with these archetypes, and space is already the home of important mythic symbols like Orion the Hunter and Corvus, the soul of Bran.

Yet there are extra-solar gods and daemons yet to be discovered in the infinite vastness of the cosmos. The black milk is teeming with possibility (inevitability), and kinetic energies and unimagined entities of undeterminable scope and purpose. As was the case with the ancient Egyptian afterlife bark adventure, the journey is perilous, and survival reliant upon interpretations. Many of these forces will be hostile to human life, by nature or by choice, similar to the strange and wonderful creatures of the seas. Man categorises these powers with symbol, to best interpret them, but they cannot truly be understood.

As Martin Heidegger said in a 1966: “Only a God can save us.” But we must search for him. The civilizational fatigue which has creeped upon us requires an immediate return to spirituality and to exploration, ignoring completely the shackles of saftey. The suicidally banality and falseness of the materialist world view is unsatisfactory.

The planets themselves we name for gods with good reason. Stars themselves are likely entities similar to gods, and may well be considered something not unlike such, or the seat of. They are living miracles, perpetual exploding light, sensible to us only through our limited obervable wavelengths. They are the fire of the maker.

To grasp these concepts in a human way as we ‘astral-travel’ will require a new cosmic priestly order – holy space-monks and esoteric cosmonauts, who will comb the void for energies they will study as emanations of entities. Voyagers whose very minds will be expanded by space itself in exploration of the ecology of the cosmic spirit world. They will create shrines in places never imagined, that will last for untold aeons. Their priestly duty, unto death, will be in constructing (becoming attuned to) a new mythical world view encompassing the limitless mysteries of the deep and the star-furnaces. A strict and God-fearing discipline.

Such an expansion of knowledge and perception will tear a seam in reality, through which will emerge new vistas and discoveries, which will challenge the status of current religious and scientific understandings.

No authority in history which claimed to have firm proof of the truth was interested in adjusting itself to newly discovered truths. A new truth is the dawn of a new reality. Nobody in history has ever liked to lose their concept of truth. Just as it is impossible to fully grasp absolutes, as change is fundamental, we must come to accept that religion is an ongoing exploration of hidden secrets, which will themselves alter soon after we catalogue them.

The cosmos is too infinitely vast and strange for humanity to fundamentally grasp its mysteries, regardless of what boring, atheistic media-scientists may preach. They merely neuter (with lies) the dangerous nature of reality because it scares them too deeply to think they do not ‘understand’ something.

There is no time to waste in constructing a new religious view of outer space, mindful of what wonders and terrors may lurk in the distant limits of the cosmos. The religious mythos of the future must not overlook the STRANGENESS FROM THE BEYOND.

With five feeble senses we pretend to comprehend the boundlessly complex cosmos, yet other beings with wider, stronger, or different range of senses might not only see very differently the things we see, but might see and study whole worlds of matter, energy, and life which lie close at hand yet can never be detected with the senses we have.
— H. P. Lovecraft

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