The Warlock & The Feudal Lord

By Brendan Heard and Iásonas Lupus.

“I want a Patriarchal feudal system run by intiated Kings”
– Aleister Crowley

The ideals of the enlightenment begin to gather dust, and seem a shabby and hobbled beggar. The impending dark age looms large over their heart-warming-yet-stillborn death-ideas, a dark age which will initiate an opportunity for a spiritual rebirth. For new forms of creativity, new systems, and new ways of life.

Towers of stone shall replace the towers of glass. Heavy metal troubadours shall conquer the rap gangsters, the streets shall be dominated by mounted hussars instead of cars. Robed monks shall steal the pulpit of the academics, strange mystery cults will replace political parties, temples will be erected on the dust of the corporate world. The aristocratic barons shall cast out the bourgeois landlords, the agrarian peasants displace the factory farmers, Platonic chivalry shall become the new currency of wealth. The feudal lord shall violently shove the merchants down to the bottom of the hierarchy within his kingdom, and the warlock shall take the role of the scientist.

The feudal lord will wield the warlock as an anti-materialist weapon, and together they shall weave a new tapestry of spiritual dominion over the lost, bovine masses, themselves barely aware their fey enlightenment values have flittered away. The ‘scientist of the enlightenment’ won’t be able to compete with the mystical-re-interpreting and practical folk-magic of the warlock, who stands rooted in his divine tradition as he directs the herd towards the science of the gods. Striving ever-upwards towards new modes of seeing the wonder and mystery of the universe.

The nihilistic materialist shall be cast down and forgotten, his useless trinkets burnt to nothing in a righteous fire. No longer will gadgetry overshadow his soul and the infinite potential within it’s fractalling biologically-driven diversity. The archaic warlock can salvage the soul from the modern age, and remind us of the true nature of the cosmos amidst the darkness of the heavens.

The feudal lord, thus re-enthroned, and dressed in a Herculean attire, shall cast down the materialists and the consumerists, emancipating his people from their enslavement. May the new dark ages commence! Pray for the black wave to wash over civilization, as the stars in the heavens shine more brightly amidst the days of darkness.

“I represent rather the mood of the agrarian feudalism which preceded the pioneering and capitalistic phases. My ideal of life is nothing material or quantitative, but simply the security and leisure necessary for the maximum flowering of the human spirit.”
— H.P. Lovecraft, 1934

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