Where once we had real temples we have now constructed an empire of corporations and office buildings. And that being now established, we are in the process of making our homes into office-style corporate boxes. Always in the name of safety and cleanliness (drab white and greys, sterile straight lines, kindergarten wall-statements, plastic plants). This is due to our short-sighted misunderstanding of divinity and the various practical requirements of religion (in culture and life). To our skewed and infantilized re-interpretation of reality which worships the network of product distribution, as opposed to the eternal.

Outside of commercial-world™ is the stars. Thinking outside of fear-imposed routines promotes thoughts of the eternal, and thoughts to the the selfless act of temple-building, in devotion to superior forces. Recognition of the heavens, enchanted by the majesty of existence. Speculating on creating a civilization which can be closer to the gods, and a man more worthy of husbanding their creation.

The temple construct is a sacred place. It’s construction and its function follow natural law, and the subconscious dreamer can feel at home in an organic environment, free from corrupting commercial concern. Where communities can congregate and flourish in distinct roles, designed for the seekers of the holy.

Set on the soul’s acropolis the reason stands
A virgin, arm’d, commercing with celestial light
– C.S. Lewis

Strong societies are built around temples. Always. Fortress to the dead, memory of heroes, the past origin-point of the unbroken line. The line that goes straight, without end, and only becomes confused at it’s meeting point with other lines, going other directions in relation. The temple is built to acknowledged the eternal. To congregate for reasons other than shopping is paramount. “What is the purpose?” the modern man says. The purpose is to be here, right now.

The only way to solidify a devotion to acknowledging the wise rejection of materialism and consumerism is to be deeply devoted to the construction of temples, an empire of temples.

The temple is holy because it is not for sale.
– Ezra Pound

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