Art & Order

“Order, not chaos, is the will of the gods”
(Excerpt from the documentary: Egypt – Chaos and kings)

The arts were given to mankind from the immortal gods in order to create order from chaos.

Art is the material output of a culture, and at its summit guides that culture towards divinity and heroes. Without the sacred etiquette of art the society or the tribe loses order and purpose. The eternal string linking the present to the past and the future is cut, and the apothegm burns away in a dissipating free-fall. Without the order, which is inscribed on the tablet-laws Prometheus handed to us at his great expense, confusion and chaos reign, and the enemies of civilization rejoice in their artless ‘freedoms’.

To restore order, to heal the world, the arts must be resacralized, and the eternal string re-tied, with great effort and extreme discrimination. A theological purpose hidden in mythological motif and fragments of sacred philosophy must dictate the true strategy of an art. Then the divine, who we remember and have not turned our backs on, will once again guide us.

Without a numinous artistic vision how can a superior order be imposed upon the chaos? Chaos who is the old goddess, who is also the dark spaces between stars. Art is the vehicle of Promethean law, the unifier, the cultural maxim beneath which the orders promulgate and are fruitful. Without a healthy and true theory to art no order is possible, nor any future of optimism, nor any re-connection with the string of eternity. Order by mythical rite which is the cultural will to power, or will to beauty, which constructs rock-hewn kingdoms & empires. That which explores, without fear.

Order is not built from chaos. It is built by the clay-men Prometheus drew from the earth, and carefully crafted with values of poetic myth in his starry eyes.

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