Autumn equinox – Tuesday 22nd September 2020 2:30PM G.M.T

Holly Hazeltree

This reading will take account of the planetary energies for coming season, taking us all the way up to the Winter Solstice. As more regular readers will know, this year we’ve been tracking the progress of a very heavy Capricorn stellium comprising of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. From Yuletide, these planets will begin to separate, and our everyday lives should begin to reflect that. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, denotes, restriction, constriction, boundaries, death and finances. So, it’s not hard to see how the Covid-19 pandemic and its fallout have all occurred during the time when Saturn journeys through its home sign. Throw in Jupiter, planet of growth and good fortune as well as Pluto, death, transformation, manipulation and excessive control and it pretty much describes the situation we find ourselves in now. So, what can we expect for the next quarter?

The Capricorn stellium, which seems to be representing what some term ‘deep state’ forces and they are under a lot of pressure from Mercury and Mars. Mercury is in the sign of justice and balance in Libra and Mars is still in Aries. I think Mars represents the ire of the people (as Mars traditionally represented the everyman) who are fed up not just with lockdown, but with everything, quite frankly. Mercury in Libra makes a stressful aspect to both Mars and the Capricorn stellium – to me this suggests that our lawmakers and those in government (not all of them, by any means,) who are on the side of justice and fairness are going to have a difficult time placating the people. People want the truth, they do not want to be manipulated, to be lied to, or infantilised about anything, any longer. That will be a tricky one this coming quarter as the deep state and all its minions will be finally under some intense scrutiny. There is a real volatility to this aspect, and it is reflected in the stressful aspect the Moon makes with Uranus as well; it will be incredibly easy for emotions to run high and possibly out of control. The planets suggest that the way to resolve such tension is twofold, to acknowledge any high levels of emotion, but that ultimately to follow Mercury and to stay on the path of truth and justice this quarter. The innate balance of Mercury is the remedy to all of this high emotion, even though it will be difficult for some to accept.

Venus makes a rare aspect to what I would call the ‘deep state’ planets this quarter. Expect a woman to take centre stage this coming quarter, due to the nature of the aspect is difficult to ascertain if she is on the side of the deep state or not, or perhaps both. Whoever she is, and this could refer to the recent passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the issues around her will dominate the world stage for the next three months. Venus is in the 8th house, which is often the house of death or transformation, so it could refer to either of these – a death or a transformation/re-emergence. I would say that as Venus is in Leo, it is a pre-established figure.

So, as I’ve stressed in other readings this year, the key to getting through this last hump of 2020 is good quality information. Research everything you come across, question all, let the phrase “who benefits?” become your mantra. Keep on the side of truth, justice and the law – let intelligence and logic inform your decision making at this time. The Capricorn stellium planets are currently moving backwards but will turn direct in October. The tide is going to turn then. Come the Winter Solstice things will look much brighter. Remember to count your blessings as we move into this Harvest season, reflect on what you have learned. Happy Autumn to one and all!

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